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If anyone told you that there wasn’t anything remotely interesting to do in Melbourne, they haven’t got the slightest clue. Melbourne city is a trove of wonderful cafes, bookshops, galleries, gardens and shops, but only for those who truly know where to look.

Such in the case of Manchester Press. It’s the cafe that’s down one alleyway, that’s off another small street, that is off a main road. Few would know it’s existence if they did not slow their pace and have a wander in. However, due to the sharing of whispers such as “Have you tried the bagels at Manchester Press? They are amazing”, Or the familiar “You really have to try the coffee at Manchester Press” (This statement is often followed with a knowing smile) it’s common knowledge how to find one of Melbourne’s most loved brunch places.
IMG_9415IMG_9443IMG_9414 IMG_9446IMG_9427IMG_9421IMG_9418IMG_9447IMG_9442IMG_9422IMG_9449There’s no denying that Manchester Press delivers on both fronts. Want delicious coffee? Check, want to have an amazing bagel the size of your fist? Check. Want to enjoy a Melbourne cafe experience with a laid back atmosphere with a great interior? Check. Manchester Press, ticking all the boxes.

The only regret we have of this place? Well, we have two actually. The first is that Val regretted not ordering her stable favourite, Smash Avocado. Don’t get us wrong, her food was delicious! She was just experiencing that all too common food envy. The second regret, this is one that we share with possibly half of Melbourne, is that although Manchester Press is successfully hidden down an alley way off a street, because of it’s famous reputation, it’s one of Melbourne’s best badly kept secrets..

Well reasons for that possibly could be; that great things are just never meant to be kept hidden at all.

We are both so glad you guys enjoyed our Big Picture Stuff Calendar! If you haven’t downloaded one already you can find one here in our most recent post!

Have a beautiful day friends!

Photography: Valerie Bong

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  • Sharon 29/01/2015 at 2:45 pm

    Love Manchester Press – fantastic write up! Smash avocado is always, always the order of choice 🙂

    • Val & Vess 03/02/2015 at 1:28 pm

      Hi Sharon!

      Thnkyou so much for your lovely comment. And yes!! Smashed avo is always my (Val) personal favourite. Do you have a favourite place for smash avo ? Would love to check it out!