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 Hello there friends!

For us in Australia and perhaps in other parts of the world, Sunday was universally filled with flowers, chocolates, bacon and eggs in bed, handmade gifts, quirky cards, tea, cake,  ribbons and a variety of gifts all wrapped up in string.

Yes readers it was Mothers Day.

Even the google giant gave ode to the life giver by creating an interactive google logo. For our household, it was a simpler day that we filled with the pleasantries of a homemade high tea, jazz music via iphone, and a picnic rug nestled on late autumn leaves.

Well this post would undoubtedly not be complete without a mention of the woman which we are celebrating! Our mother, Marjorie, is a wonderful woman who gives love, epitomises love and shows love. She’s the creator of dresses, green cakes and is terrible at retelling stories. She brought us into the world and daily is helping us to navigate ourselves through it. She is a hero, an inspiration and has a million dollar smile. She has comforted us, taught us, stopped us from making mistakes and is constantly misplacing her glasses.

We feel so blessed to be born into our beautiful family which consists of our father, mother, darling younger sister and our little dog Angel. Alright, analogy time (because I love those)   A mothers’s love is like a hot air balloon, it’s big and warm with us in the centre. It carries us through clouds and the sky knowingly propelling us to the horizons and beyond. So next time you see your mother, grab her, hold her, tell her you love her and her hot air. 😉

Hope you all had a beautiful Mother’s Day, and to all those yet to become a mother, we give you a honourary big picture stuff Mother’s Day shout out!

We love Mothers and we are so thankful to them!

Have a Joyful Tuesday!


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  • val 14/05/2013 at 12:07 pm


    I love your writing for this post!

    Such an encourager with your words

    So amazing

    Mum! I ditto everything Vess said !!