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Here at big picture stuff we love a number of things that delight, surprise and bring us complete and utter joy. You know that feeling. That feeling when you encounter a gift that someone a has meticulously chosen for you which suits you perfectly, or when you spot that one item in a store that you feel is so clever and so darling that for that moment you believe in love in first sight. Miss Kiyomi encompasses all this and more. We were amazed at the cuteness and the loveliness that each of Miss Kiyomis’ hand crafted goodies  held. Designed and made with skill, from tote bags to cards, there’s a bit of lovely for everybody. So head to Miss Kyomis etsy store and spend some time there and you won’t be disappointed.

MissKiyomi is a cat-loving 80-year-old granny trapped in a 24-year-old body. Doctor by day, crafter by night, MissKiyomi is inspired by medicine, God and her cat. Her wares are her simple little ways of raising funds and awareness for causes she believes in

With love and craft and wonder

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  • Cheryl 20/07/2013 at 1:54 pm

    Wow TWO posts?! I’m super flattered! Thank you for taking the time to take/edit the photos, and write such kind words! Love you both (:

    • Val & Vess 22/07/2013 at 1:52 pm

      Cheryl! You definitely deserve two posts, more even! We’ve gotten a great response to the photos and the blog posts so THANK YOU!
      Love lots and lots!