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Officeworks: Unleash your inner artist


If we were given the opportunity to share one piece of advice to the whole world this is what we would say. Give yourself to your passions and be the artist that you are destined to be.

We know some of you would protest and claim that you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, but we’re here to tell you otherwise.

Do you remember when you were kid and having a cardboard box was the absolute best thing in the world? Suddenly the four sided box wasn’t the thing that the tv came in. It became the king’s castle, the boat to adventure or the stage for the greatest show on earth. Or the how about that time when you drew your own dream house. You were so certain that your home was going to have a three story slide installed next to an ice cream bar that was located by the kitchen.

Sure, the games we played when we were children were only just child games, but behind the games was a mind that loved to make, imagine and dream.

Everyone has that.

Everyone has that inner artist that wants to make and create something. The key to unleashing this creativity? Imagine, then decide. And the last step is essential; equip yourself with the tools to start. Drive down to your nearest Officeworks, your one-stop-shop for all art supplies and pick up a new set of paints, a box of Derwent pencils and some canvases from their wide range of top quality art supplies. We love going to Officeworks, for a huge variety of art supplies that inspires us to push our artistic limits. Who knows, we might catch you there too, collecting art supplies for your next project.

Doesn’t matter if you’re not able to draw, or the thought of sketching scares you. Try your hand at making patterns from painted cut paper. Or try making some typography using some bright Copic markers? Take the craziest ideas you have and make it a reality. You set the boundaries, but try to make them endless.




Created with the following Officeworks art supplies: J.Burrows Manikin 12inchJ.Burrows Acrylic Paint, Derwent Artist PencilsCopics Canson Acrylic Notepaper. 

How beautiful the imagination of one’s mind, and how delightful are the creations that exist within us.  We only need the courage to reject the possibility of failure and the belief that we will make something great.

Feel free to download the gifs. to share on insta! Can totally brighten anyone’s day!

Unleash your creativity!

Val and Vess

Post in collaboration with Officeworks who are also in the business of believing in the potential of the artistic heart! See more of Officeworks’ product range and to find a store near you visit   

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