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Hello dear friends and lovely readers!

Val here blogging some fashion photography photos. I am a tad sad, because I really wanted Vess to write for this post. Just because I love reading her writing and seeing what things speak out to her from my photos. Thanks so much for the lovely comments and encouraging words on our past posts!

Really means alot, I know it doesn’t seem like much to write a comment, but even the smallest bit of encouragement always makes my day! Thankyou so much for taking that small effort to make a big impact!

These photos were taken at the Canterbury gardens close to our house on a gloomy Summer day (thats’ Melbourne for you) with slight drizzle and overcast skies we were prancing around the garden armed with an umbrella, props and a car windscreen protector (to use as a light reflector! Seriously such a great and cheap substitute!) Featured in this post is the gorgeous and amazing Maddy. She is so stunning and  such a fantastic model, she kept posing even when the skies threatened to open up on us and kept smiling beautifully even though the wind was freezing.

Not sure if you guys can tell, but these photos were greatly inspired by the Lana Del Rey album cover art and some of her amazing photo shoots. My dear friends, Dana, Nina and Maddy included, love Lana Del Rey and her music. To be honest, I appreciate her music, but my heart lies with her photo shoots and creative direction (I told Dana last night, she is opitomizes the American Dream). If you guys haven’t already, take the time to check out some of her photoshoots. They are stunning.


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The last and first photo would have to be my favourite,

Thankyou so much Maddy, you are increadible and so beautiful! Thankyou for bearing with the rain and cold !

More photos soon!

Love Always 



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