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Power of Play


Hello  Friends 

Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play.

—Henri Matisse—

K I N G D O M held a ‘launch’ event around two weeks ago where we partnered with Emily Tang from the amazing necklace label, Nothing from Nowhere to create POP. Meaning Pursuit of Play, our very colourful and diy installation piece was created to express the essential need for play within the creativity process.


Play seems to be something which is etched out of an adult’s mind. Forsaken and forgotten, not many of us would say we spent the day ‘playing’.

However there is a new revolution in the world of creativity; the embrace of play. TED talks like Tim Brown’s ‘Tales of Creativity and Play’ illustrates the critical need to pursue play, especially in creative and innovative environments.


Play reduces people’s fear of failure and fear of rejection (perhaps something many of us can relate to?). When we are not afraid of doing things wrong we are then truly able to create and innovate.  We can feel free to explore new ideas, find new solutions to problems and free to be inventive. There is nothing more crippling to anyone that working out of fear, and fear of failure can place us in a state of inactivity. So when we play and create, that fear is reduced immensely because there is no pressure to be perfect.

Play is being fearless, being imaginative and being innovative and this comes from being open to try something new!

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Hence the Pursuit of Play reflects these concepts. We didn’t want to create a piece of art which people just consume with their eyes, we wanted our friends to engage with the art work and to create; a city, a castle, a cactus , anything they wanted out of our very colourful boxes! And for us, it was also an explorative process of how to create the patterns, colours and even how to paint the boxes! Play continued with Nothing from Nowhere creating Pursuit Of Play inspired necklaces using shapes and patterns inspired from our boxes (which you can purchase via their facebook page).

On the night, it was really interesting to find that the youngest at the event thoroughly enjoyed playing with PoP. He made a fort, a castle, a robot, so many imaginative ideas that I would have never thought of. While the adults stood around , enjoying some cupcakes and chatted. But every now and then, someone would break the mould and grab a couple of boxes and created something amazing.

1L8A0929 1L8A0928

So, what are YOU waiting for? Go ahead and try the Power of Play!

We have to say a huge thankyou to many friends and our family for their support in creating our artwork. Particularly Jon Kang and Audrey who, when we asked on facebook for boxes, responded to the call and my awesome friend Claudette who took all the photos!

We are on the look out for more people to collaborate with/interview/ meet! So if you are a creative living in Melbourne we would love to connect with you! Please feel free to leave us a message, email us or connect through instagram!

Love lots

Val and Vess

(Words by Val)

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