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Hey there guys!

Our stay in Kyoto was absolutely incredible. Such a beautiful area with lovely people rich culture and amazing design, shopping and food. And it’s so easy to get around! It feels almost like Melbourne, almost like home.

We’re really happy to be sharing these pictures that we took at the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto. It was a warm day and we were told that we could ride from our hostel to the shrine! So we did and it was so much fun! At the shrine itself, it has a series of incredible red gates that seem like they go on forever. On our list of “must dos” Val was determined to see these red gates and take photos there! It took a good 20-30 mins (partially because we got a bit lost!) and a fair walk up a hill and then we were there.

If you notice some amusement in my face (probably not!) it’s because watching Val take these photos was just hilarious. Taking photos in 30 degree humid weather leaves you a bit breathless and “glowing”. And to top it off, as the shrine was located within the forest area, there were mosquitos! After every couple of images Val would start to hit her legs rather aggressively and cry out in pain “It hurts! What is that?! It’s so painful!!”. So we wrapped this shoot up pretty quick. Hope you like our oriental fashion pics!

With love and beauty and all things lovely.



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