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Being around those who take inspiration from the world and who have the ability to infuse it into their work, inspire us to personally continue creating beautiful things. S.Wallis is a Melbourne based designer label filled with limited edition pieces. All made with thoughtful design and the highest quality silk, wool and cotton, their pieces hold an air of sensibility and sensitivity to the wearer.

Vess and I was invited to their launch event by the darling Brian from Brian Cheung Illustrations (click through and see his incredible art and skill!). Upon received this amazing invitation (featured here) in the mail we were so excited to see and experience their beautiful pieces.

Enjoy and experience the world of S.Wallis. A world of freshness and simply beauty.

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We’re really excited to be sharing some stories of some incredible people in the next few posts. Some bowties, photograhy and notebooks. We have also been really blessed with all your feedback from our new blog layout and logo as well. We value all your feedback, thoughts and likes!

Love Val

S.Wallis is an independent Australian fashion label designed in Melbourne; synonymous with intelligent well crafted designs for women.

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