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Site of Hope


Have you ever felt out of your comfort zone? 

Around a month ago Vess and I were involved with launching the Site of Hope, a place which seeks to bring the message of Hope (Jesus Christ) through creative pieces created by a dedicated community of creative Christians. This passion project was brought to us by Irwin and Josh from Chromatix, an amazing team of passionate people who create websites and who put God first, in business, life and everything. When we agreed to help them with the launch of the Site of Hope, we had no idea that through the planning, organisation and teamwork we would grow and be blessed exponentially.

To be honest, when they asked us to help with the event we had no idea what to do. Had no idea who to invite, if they even wanted to come or if we could pull it off. We decided to just go for it, allowing what little we had to display more of God’s provision.

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Thinking back, the energy of the room was indescribable. People were using their gifts of creativity to pen artwork filled with words of life, hope and of love. Each piece on the wall resulted from the artist’s own convictions, beliefs and values. This meant that these art pieces weren’t filled with meaningless words of unfilled promises but contained words from the heart. Words weren’t just shared on the wall, but shared around the table as people discussed their own journeys and testimonies of their faith.

After all the pieces were done, we stuck them up on the wall. The result was breath taking. As a whole, the wall signified a joint collaboration from individuals who share a common faith and hope. Individually, each piece was unique and distinctly original. Looking at each different style of typography reminded me of our own created uniqueness and individuality.

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Perhaps the best part was the involvement of so many talented people. Emerald from Handmade Cakes by Emerald made the beautiful Apple and Cinnamon cupcakes, fashion photographer Karen Woo contributed her photography skills, Jordan Kueh from Zero Cube Studios is in the process of making a video and everyone who attended contributed their time and skills to make an incredible event


A huge thankyou to the following people for attending and being part of this amazing launch;

Harmony Wong, Clara Yap, Red Hong Yi, Lily Goh, Natalie Box, Diane Pantoja, Glonaida, Diana Tan, Darion Teoh, Tiffany Chua, Sharon Cheung, Grace Lok and the team at Chromatix!

If you are interested in finding out more about the Site of Hope. Follow them on Instagram ( and Facebook ( to stay updated and find out how you can contribute more.

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  • d pantoja 09/06/2015 at 10:34 pm

    this post!!!! so love i get to be a part of this! love pointing people to Him, what an honour, aye?! 🙂

    • Val & Vess 11/06/2015 at 12:53 am

      Thankyou so much D! Was such an honour having you with us 🙂 So glad to have connected this year !! Need to see you soon. Hope everything went well with the church conference and you’ll get some rest time soon!! x