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Taken last week on Mother’s day, I thought it would be fun to do a quick post in the park.

Key features of this outfit would have to be the dress and the belt. Surprisingly none of the items in this outfit, besides the shoes were bought recently. The blue dress, which is such a gorgeous and striking colour was thrifted at a Retro star warehouse sale (best and worst experience, so many choices!), retro star is a shop in Melbourne city which sells vintage and second pieces and some epic floral shorts! The belt was gifted to us by one of mum’s friends who surprisingly has ALOT of designer brands. We have 3 christian dior dresses from her so far, still figuring out how to wear them!  I really love the belt though, it’s so unique and has such charm to it.

On another note Vess and I were lucky enough to be featured on the amazing photography blog of Mandy Faith which you can see below.

I personally found Mandy’s beautiful blog from instagram (she has quite the following) and I fell instantly in love with her pastel, whimsical and quirky shots of people and key items in her life. She has such an eye for the beauty in the little things and each of her photographs look like it came from a professional magazine or Europe travel guide. She’s such a talented blogger and she is extremely consistent with her posting! (I aspire to be the same) and we felt so blessed and amazing to grace the pages of her beautiful blog.

Have a look to see Big Picture Stuff’s first feature and to admire (and follow) Mandy’s beautiful photography!






Signing off now before my fingers freeze off. Typing on a keyboard in cold weather really slows down functionality. I really feel that my fingers are typing at half speed!

With love


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