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Now as much as I would like to start this blog post with statements on the temperamental Melbourne weather, everyone knows that starting a conversation about the state of our skies is never a great way to start. So I will move onto more interesting things, such as the fact that soon and very soon, we will be moving into the end of university, the end of the year, and before we know it; we will be inundated with the consumerist tide of the Christmas season. The year has been a great one, with trips to Japan, photo shoots and fun times. And there is so much left of the year, whether it is finish uni, high school, looking for a new job, starting a family. However, Val was stressing to me last night; the importance of being in the present and not be stuck in the past or constantly eager for the future. Our dear friend Helen (who you might remember from this amazing post !) helped Val realise this truth and Val relayed it to me.

So it seems appropriate, with images of Val rocking a pair of floral jeans, a cosy cut out jumper and the cutest little bowler hat you’ve ever seen… it seems so very appropriate to remind myself and everyone the importance to really;

Just Relax and Smell the Roses

We are so very grateful to you our readers, and if you have any ideas of what you would like to see on our blog, don’t hesitate to email us or leave a comment below! We’ve got some things planned for the coming months, so keep checking up on what v&v are up to.

Love love love


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