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Hey there guys!

So it’s officially been a week since we’ve returned from Japan. And we still have a crazy amount of photos to share with you! So if you don’t mind, we’ll be sharing more post from our Japan travels, however, from our Melbourne home!

Overall, Japan was amazing and just so much fun! These shots were taken in Kyoto just before the Gion Matsuri festival was about to kick off. Definately humid that day, if you look closely, you can see the end stick of a fan poking out from my bag. It kind of helped, but with the masses of people there, fanning yourself put others in danger of poking their eye out!

Kyoto was and remains Val’s favourite place of our entire journey. And its easy to see why. Such a beautiful place with vibrant history and a ridiculous amount of cool cafes and shops, its a place very close to our hearts. Speaking of crazy cool cafes, Val’s going to be sharing a post with some of our favourite Kyoto cafes with you soon! So stay posted!


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