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Hope that all of you are having a absolutely gorgeous week, or having a beautiful start to the weekend. But lets cut the small talk and get to the good stuff shall we? We are so pleased to bring you these images that Val took of me (Vess!) that evoke and carry a sense of mystery, tradition and elegance. I’ve been reading the memiors of the amazing creative director of Vogue, Grace Coddington, and I must say that it provides great insights to her life, Vogue, her ideas of beauty and its also a very entertaining read. One thing that stood out to me was her ability to remember what she wore in piviotal moments in her life. Who she was wearing, what it was and why she was wearing it.

I can relate to that idea of clothes as costume. Not in the sense of trying to cover up or hide something, but in the sense of letting the clothes envelope you as part of its history, its story, its “life”. This dress, I bought in a vintage shop hidden in one of the many laneways of the city of Venice. My darling friend Glonaida and I spent nearly an hour in this quaint vintage store. The small Italian lady who owned it wasn’t  paying any mind to us and our exclaimations of delight in what we saw was a trove of vintage loveliness. I love the emboridry at the collar, the way it comes in at the waist, the soft upturned sleeves. There is a beauty that it carries and a beauty that I love slipping on.

More images coming, more thoughts to read and more stories to tell. We anticipate and welcome it, because, haha, winter’s coming.

With Love and anticipation.

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