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“The most effective way to do it, is to do it”
Amelia Earheart

Here’s the story of  why Big Picture Stuff has been down for the past two weeks and some tips on motivation. Not sure if some of you guys realised, but Big Picture Stuff was down because of some hosting difficulties. With the help of some truly wonderful friends we managed to get back on track and are so excited to be pumping out this month’s posts! We have food posts, creative inspirations and alot of amazing interviews to share with you.

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When our blog was down, I felt at a lost and really did not know what to do. No amount of youtube videos, web hosting articles and google searching could help me find the correct solution. (Any other bloggers out there ever felt the same?) Thankfully our awesome friend Tristan came to the rescue to help us and get Big Picture Stuff up and running again! When we were back online, I should have been rearing and ready to go, but I actually was so de-motivated to start. Simply because I felt, there was too much to do.

Have you ever felt that way as well? When the sheer amount of work overwhelms you and shrinks you down to inactivity? I know I have, plenty of times.

Here I’ll share some tips which helped me get my motivation back.



Tip 1: Celebrate You!

Look back on what you have already achieved and be thankful. Some people look on what they haven’t achieved to motivate them to achieve more. In contrast I found that looking on what I have done helps me realise my potential and capabilities to achieve the next task. Even before writing this post, I reread our 2014 recap post, to reflect all we had done last year and the possibilities for next year. sunflower-fields-melbourne-06 sunflower-fields-melbourne-07

Tip 2: Write it Out 
When we write out our goals and tangibly see what it is we want to achieve, we are able to visualise the end goal with more focus and clarity. Human beings are visual animals and the process of writing things down helps us categorise things in our mind. I tend to think a lot about things and my brain tends to feels overwhelmed with the amount of projects going on and new ideas. Just last night I wrote down all I had to do and I realised that I could handle it. By writing it out we can start doing.

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Tip 3: Just Do It!
In the words of Nike, ‘Just Do It’ (this phrase is perhaps one of the most incredible marketing tools for their brand, but it works) something done is better than something not done. Myself, like a lot of creatives out there, find it hard to start. To put a pen on that fresh piece of blank paper can be scary because we are afraid of either making a mistake, starting it wrong or being judged. I’ve learnt, through our creative projects and in blogging especially, it’s more important to start than to be afraid of failure. Nothing is done perfectly the first time, and will more likely than not, need tweaking to get it perfect.



So here’s my simple tips to get motivated! I need them as well, as I need to get my CV together and start applying for jobs, so don’t worry you’re not the only one.

Also wanted to mention lovely Tiff (seen in the above photo), a reader of Big Picture Stuff, who we invited to come to a photoshoot with us with the fashion blogger LisforOlive. She had seen our blog and wanted to see what we do, so I invited her along!

Let us know if you guys would like to see some more ‘behind-the-scenes’ content. We are more than happy to provide!


sunflower-fields-melbourne-01Love and Sunshine to you this week!


(words by Val)


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  • kelsey 29/09/2016 at 11:36 am

    where abouts were these photographs taken? they are absolutely stunning and are exactly what im looking for, for my photographs.