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Hello lovelies!

It’s amazing how much I appreciate nature these days, compared to when I was a young’un and hated going to the local park. My brother, cousins and I would moan and groan about going to the aptly named ‘Dog Poo Park’, but these days I find myself appreciating the scenery (and lack of animal excrement, actually). It’s such a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle and craziness of life, and our so-called first world problems.

Not only that, but I’m finding so much beauty just in our local neighbourhood, in the front yards of strangers’ houses. I recall Val telling me how she has to resist the urge to jump in people’s gardens to take photos! For this set of photos, Val and I went wandering about the streets of our neighbourhood and found a perfectly leafy vine wall, and worry not people, we remained on public land the whole time! Criminals, we are not.

I absolutely adore this rosy blouse I got from Zara. Call me a grandma, but the rose sofa print of it drew me in and consequently, I became enthralled with its beauty. With its mix of red and pink, colours that I’ve found aren’t the most complimentary with one another in the past, this top is the epitome of my love of florals, and gosh… isn’t the world just so pretty sometimes that we can print it onto a blouse for Zara to sell to the average fashion conscious consumer like me?!

I paired this blouse with a pinky peach pair of shorts, which somewhat matched the colours in the top, and threw on a cute pair of shoes in the same colour with a silver heel. I love these shoes so much; they’re so preppy and also incorporate a currently trending ankle strap

That’s it from me for now, encouraging the rest of you to get out there and enjoy the fresh air and flowers and trees and leaves and… dog poo.

Hoping you’re all safe and happy over Christmas and New Year!

Much love,





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