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Being a graphic designer is one of the coolest, toughest and most interesting professions. (At least I think so anyway!) It’s so ingrained with everyday life yet so many people do not know what it is, nor do they understand it!

So when I heard about Supergraph, Melbourne’s first graphic art fair. I was all for it! I was even more excited because I knew a ton of people who were either: participating in the event, helping organise the event, or being a part of the event. So was this the perfect fair for me. Oh yes! Got some cool prints from the amazing Hungry Workshop and Pete Cromer. So it was basically an awesome fun night.

Another amazing thing that SuperGraph provided for me was give me the opportunity to achieve a life long dream of making COLOURING SHEETS. I don’t know about you, but I think that I’ve peaked. That and I had my picture and a picture of my work in the Thousands. Yup, three years of design school led to this. (No sarcasm at all! I’m seriously so stoked.)

So here’s a little post of me at the event, and the colouring page I made! It’s a collage colouring page, so feel free to print it out, cut the little bits out and make some cool collages and post it up on our facebook page!

Love you guys!

Hi guys!

It’s Val here taking over one of Vess’ blog posts! She doesn’t know that I did this, but I printed out a couple of her colouring in sheets and asked some of my friends from the UK to colour some in! What was so wonderful was that each of us come from so many different places but we’ve become such great friends ( to the extent that I can ask them to be on my blog, which they are were readily willing to do) Colouring was actually so fun and therapeutic.  To be fun spirited and colour in green heads, blue tongues makes you feel like a child again, with open heart, soul spirit and mind where any of the previously mentioned skin colours could be a possibility. Thankyou, Emma, Shannen, Calyx and Andy for colouring for me. I’m so blessed to have met each one of you! And there’s a little extra feature of Calyx’s shoes from TopShop, is anyone else in love? Lace ups and sparkle can it get more perfect?

So download the colouring sheets, and colour by paint, pen, texta, digital and please please please post it on our facebook wall or let us know! Would love to see your artwork!




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