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Hey there loves and lads

Theres no denying it, I find it hard to look good on camera.

I know what you all are thinking, these narcissistic twins just taking pictures of themselves all the time. They probably practice posing at home… Well, you’re half right, we do take pictures of each other all the time, but I hope we don’t seem narcissistic!

The main reason we love doing this is because we love taking great pictures and are inspired by the photography of the greats, such as cecil beaton, annie leibovitz and those young up an coming, julia trotti and nirrimi Their work is beautiful and can I tell you, Val is so into it. You can just check out her pinterest to see that she is obsessed with beautiful photography.

Well, all photo needs a subject, and conveniently , Val has a twin sister to boss around. (I kid, I’m totally willing to help her out!) She tells me to: “pushh your hair back, lean into the fence, look up, tilt your face slightly” and the funniest one “you look so tired today, hm, close your mouth, close you eyes and look down…”

That’s basically it dear readers. I know what you’re all thinking, why on earth does this young lady subject herself to this autocratic dominion? I’ll tell you why, because Val has the ability to use the lighting, use the surroundings and you her subject to make the most beautiful and desirable picture possible. That’s why. I trust in her vision, trust in her eye and trust in the final result, as it is always, amazing.

That’s got me thinking, perhaps a part of the creative process is trust and faith… but that’s got to be another blog post.

With love and fun times












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  • Livia 13/10/2013 at 8:29 am

    Totally stalking your blog again right now.. WAY TOO LOVELY!! And you girls always look amazing, don’t know what you mean when you say you find it hard to look good on camera!