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Onto new adventures



Hello friends, fellow adventurers and dreamers.

Instead of the usual inspiration and beautiful content that we usually post, I’m going to give you something a little different. Tell you something that I should have told a month ago.

So, to my wonderful friends who enjoy our journey and share with us in the adventure called life, the news is simply this. I (Vess) quit my job last month. Val did share it a little about this in her beautiful blog post A Cinderella Story

Honestly, telling people did prove to be difficult, some took it as a surprise, some were concerned that I was let go. But all had the same questions, “Why” and “What’s next?”

Why? Well the reason why is actually accumulation of a couple of factors that include, podcasts, entrepreneur women and Taylor Swift. Okay, so maybe those accumulated at the tipping point. For those who know, I was working full time as an illustrator and graphic designer at smash enterprises for the past two years. First job out of uni, I was so blessed to have a job in my field! Considering that I knew that others weren’t so fortunate. If I could sum up the lead up to my leaving it would be simply this. That all the times that we shared with you to follow your dreams, to chase adventure and to create beauty in everything, I guess that I started to believe it myself. I found myself looking at my job and questioning if that’s exactly what I want to be doing for the years to come, whether there was something else that I loved to do more. I felt this itching to learn more and to push myself further. I found myself reading interviews with designers and listening to podcasts and the idea of taking risks just stood out in my mind. And I went to the Taylor Swift concert and heard her sing songs that she wrote cause they meant something to her, and I thought, well, why not, why not give myself permission to take that step into my dreams? Didn’t I always believe that the most important thing in the world to me is to create work that touched others hearts? Could I do it?lose sight of the shore quote

So I handed in my resignation, had a farewell lunch and wiped my tears away as I drove away from the office which had been my design home for the past two years. And I moved to the second question, “what’s next?”

But to answer that, it’s going to have to be a whole other blog post.

I’ll also be sharing some of the books, websites and podcasts that helped me come to terms with what I wanted to do and gave me courage and understanding to do it.

So as I close this chapter and take with me the memories and lessons learnt from that stage in my life, I’m signing off as one who can honestly tell you that chasing your dreams is damn scary, but it’s worth it.



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Emclectic Jewellery Lookbook


bigpicturestuff-emclective-1 bigpicturestuff-emclective-2 bigpicturestuff-emclective-3

Livia – L is for Olive
Emily – Emclectic Collection; Jewellery Maker
Val and Vess – Creatives Collaborators

Isn’t true that when you stop, look and observe, you find so much more than you thought you would? For as they say, beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places and big things come in small packages.

Not only that, but these often a time when the smallest of details bring a whole piece together and create much more than what you expected. A stroke of a brush, the perfect phrase, maybe even that ideal emoji that seems to just sum up all those emotions that can’t seem to be expressed in 50 words or less.

Perhaps that’s what’s just so magical about the jewellery that Emily for Emclectic collection creates. Delicate, refined, precise. Nothing left to chance. Everything colour, piece and shape chosen with clarity and joy. And the effect that they have? As we described. Precision, completion, perfection.

We had a pleasure collaboration with the lovely Emily and Livia to bring this shoot to life. All hand made and carefully created by Emily, her latest ranges have hues of pastel pink and sage green and are just waiting to add that little something to your autumn wardrobe.

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IMG_4357IMG_4461 IMG_4471

The past couple of weeks have really passed extremely quickly! With Val studying in the UK and myself now working a full time job, the days have just flown. So many people have asked me what’s it’s like without my “other half”  or whether I’m missing my “partner in crime”. I generally response with a casual, “oh, totally fine.” Really only kidding myself that I am feeling that I am lacking without my twin by my side. However, I should have responded with this: that with Val gone, I’m missing a key factor in my life.
I’m missing my photographer.

Many of you know that we’re a photographer/model duo who swap between the two roles. With Val gone, it’s thrown things a bit off balanced. Take this black and white striped dress for instance. I’ve been wanting to take pictures of this dress for a while now but my timing has flown out of the window without Val to call on! So what do I do, I grab the next best thing. My mother.

Now Mum is not as an avid photographer as Val is, but she sure knows how to direct. (It must stem from taking our baby pictures.) Instead of the usual moody high fashion poses that Val captures, I found myself being told to smile enthusiastically and look confident and cheerful. That’s what my mum got me to bring to the table, and I hope that’s what you get! I would be lying if I didn’t say that I added my own directions such as; “Okay mum, I’m going to walk towards you now and take a pictures of me strutting.”

It made me think that the photographer model dynamic is extremely important. Both bring ideas, concepts, personality to the shoot. It’s like two pieces of the pie, salt and pepper, but you can also say that it just ain’t black and white. It’s a balancing act truly, but if you’re both open to ideas and happy to be a bit silly, then it can all work out in the end.

On that note, I would like to put a call out to any budding photographers or those interested in fashion photography. Are you interested in fashion blogs? Do you wish to capture images to the standard of your favourite blogger? If you are, email us at or leave a comment below! Now what would Val say of this? I think that she’ll be happy for a bit of healthy competition. Considering that she has all of Great Britain as her backdrop, with it’s red mail boxes, lovely store fronts and moody forests. Well then I believe that we should respond in turn with some gorgeous photography. Don’t you?

With Love




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photo (2) copy


Friendship is one of the most precious and beautiful gifts that human beings can possess. Val and I have been so lucky to be surrounded by an amazing group of people, from our high school, church, university and work as well. As many of our friends are turning 21, and we ourselves are turning 21 very soon. It gives us time for reflection to think about how lucky and overjoyed we are to have such beautiful friends surrounding us! Friends who encourage us, laugh with us, let us be a little silly with! We truly are lucky.

So with that thought, I leave you with some lettering that I did for our dear friend Ashlee for her 21st birthday. Send it and share it to someone you care about as well.

With Love

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IMG_9882IMG_9891 IMG_9892 IMG_9896 IMG_9898


In recent times there has been a flux of this previously unknown phenomena, VIRAL VIDEOS. Thanks to youtube, we’re all in the loop these days and everyone has an opinion. Youtube has given us a valuable gift; armed with basic viral video knowledge, no longer are we as susceptible to awkward silences! Talking to a stranger? Bring up the words “gangnum style” or “twerking” and suddenly you’ve got a nice little conversation going on.

Now this outfit I call, in my head, my viral video outfit. For two simple reasons; firstly because this little tank shirt I bought from H&M is covered with cats and secondly that my stripy shirt forever will remind me of Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus. Internet sensations which has swept the globe and are now permanent cultural references. Thank you internet, thank you youtube.

Also you may notice that I’m wearing two different pairs of sunglasses! The white aviatars are mine, and the cat eye frames were lent to me by Livia who thought they went perfectly with my “cat theme”!

So there you go guys, a little bit of an insight to my fashion choices. All led and directed by youtube. 😉

You can see more pictures of this outfit taken by Kim on his blog LongBlack, an awesome street fashion blog. We were lucky enough to be shot by him and his pictures came out great! So check it out!