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Just Relax





More then ever, I’ve been learning the value of relaxing. Taking time out, slowing down, stopping and having moments of reflection. However, not only am I learning the physical act of relaxing, I am practicing the mental act of relaxing. To really say to my brain, “hey, you, that thought there, you got to stop running around and around in my mind.” and another one that I am constantly telling myself, “just… stop freaking out.” Maybe it’s anxiety, maybe it’s an over active imagination, maybe it’s my desire to have a strategy for everything, I’m not totally sure. But what I do know is that when I tell myself to breathe and relax, I’m showing myself deep kindness and compassion.

Two other thoughts. Number one. Pink is the colour of the season, I am totally and completely in love with the colour combinations that it invites! Pink and mustard, pink and green, pink and navy. It’s possibilities are just divine. Number two. Good things take time. We really live in a microwave world, if something doesn’t happen after a couple of months we deem it as being a complete dud. I listened to a talk by Debbie Millman recently and she emphasised that her journey was one of uncertainty, exploration and going after things she was passionate about. All of that doesn’t neatly fit into a year, or even 10 years! So, I suppose it comes back to self-compassion yet again. Recognising that so many things in life are not a “not for you” but rather are a”not yet”.

Honestly, we are excited for this not yet season, but also excited to share. To share our creativity with you, things that bring us joy, things that we want to explore. Excited allow ourselves to try things and let you see our mistakes and hopefully let you see our courage to create.

With love



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Free to Be

Free to Be Concert 2015 (80 of 90)

Free to Be Concert 2015 (26 of 90)
Happy Friday! Last month we had the opportunity to be a part of an awesome event which saw a bunch of passionate people work together for an important cause. We had the chance to play a part in the Light FM sponsored Free to Be concert, an event where local artists came together to sing, dance and perform to fight for the freedom for those trapped in human trafficking. We were overjoyed that we could contribute to something that we felt so passionate about, freedom and the arts. We know what you’re thinking, Val and Vess can sing and dance?!  No we haven’t been hiding a singing talent, we left that to the professionals! We were lucky to lend our talents to assist the absolutely wonderful Red Hong Yi!

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Friendship is one of the most precious and beautiful gifts that human beings can possess. Val and I have been so lucky to be surrounded by an amazing group of people, from our high school, church, university and work as well. As many of our friends are turning 21, and we ourselves are turning 21 very soon. It gives us time for reflection to think about how lucky and overjoyed we are to have such beautiful friends surrounding us! Friends who encourage us, laugh with us, let us be a little silly with! We truly are lucky.

So with that thought, I leave you with some lettering that I did for our dear friend Ashlee for her 21st birthday. Send it and share it to someone you care about as well.

With Love

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IMG_9763 copy copy copy

Hello there friends!

This has definitely been a busy week for Val and I, third week back to uni and getting into homework and work has definitely not been the easiest of tasks! We have a lot to share with you, photobooths and fashion shoots, why just tonight we went to LMFF and saw the most stunning show! And you better believe that Val had her camera out snapping the action! Also! Fashion illustration is coming back! I’ve (Vess) got that passion again, so you’re going to get some visual goodness when I get out my paintbrushes and pens! But first, here are some absolutely stunning photos of Val.

IMG_9768 copy

IMG_9774 copy

IMG_9790 copy

IMG_9787 copy

 How amazing is the floral head piece that Val is wearing? Our mum made it for our Lana Del Rey inspired shoot with Maddy and Val just couldn’t resist having her own shoot with that gorgeous thing!

Well, as I wrap up this blog post for tonight, at 1:30am Melb time with Val sleeping in her bed and me borrowing her computer to blog this post for you, I’m just going to take this moment to say.. how absolutely gorgeous my twin sister is. She’s so gorgeous inside and out! As these pictures clearly show, my twin sister is an absolute stunner with a beautiful smile and lovely eyes. As twins it’s often difficult to complement the other because people often say that it’s as if we are complementing ourselves! But truly Val is one of a kind, she’s so loving, sweet and kind. She’ll talk to everyone and make them feel like such a special person, she’ll see the good in every situation (even walking down dark alleys may find it’s benefits) and she sees the God given potential in every human being. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful person in my life as my friend, sister and my twin.

So signing off for tonight, love those around you and never stop telling them just how beautiful they are.

Leave a comment, leave a note, leave something and we will love you for it lovely friends. We love making beautiful things and it really tickles us knowing that people like you are seeing the beauty in what we’re seeing too.

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keep stylish