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Emclectic Jewellery Lookbook


bigpicturestuff-emclective-1 bigpicturestuff-emclective-2 bigpicturestuff-emclective-3

Livia – L is for Olive
Emily – Emclectic Collection; Jewellery Maker
Val and Vess – Creatives Collaborators

Isn’t true that when you stop, look and observe, you find so much more than you thought you would? For as they say, beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places and big things come in small packages.

Not only that, but these often a time when the smallest of details bring a whole piece together and create much more than what you expected. A stroke of a brush, the perfect phrase, maybe even that ideal emoji that seems to just sum up all those emotions that can’t seem to be expressed in 50 words or less.

Perhaps that’s what’s just so magical about the jewellery that Emily for Emclectic collection creates. Delicate, refined, precise. Nothing left to chance. Everything colour, piece and shape chosen with clarity and joy. And the effect that they have? As we described. Precision, completion, perfection.

We had a pleasure collaboration with the lovely Emily and Livia to bring this shoot to life. All hand made and carefully created by Emily, her latest ranges have hues of pastel pink and sage green and are just waiting to add that little something to your autumn wardrobe.

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Donut Worry



What’s warm and fuzzy but also sweet to eat? A crocheted donut of course!

Especially in this time of the year, with the end of year approaching and also the looming dates of not so nice things, such as assessments, exams, deadlines (going to stop there before you close this browser just from pure repulsion) we don’t feel sweet and fuzzy. Instead this horrible thing called worry comes and sucks out all of our energy!

crochet-donuts-bianca-ling-2 crochet-donuts-bianca-ling-3


Worry just takes all those good vibes that makes you awesome and throws it out the window. But we’re here to tell you that your good vibes are amazing don’t let worry suck them away!

This is a season where you’ll grow, learn and do so much more than you believe you can! It doesn’t feel awesome now, but when you look back, you’ll be amazed with what you were able to do!


But for now, we will tell you Donut Worry. Keep up the good positive vibes going by filling yourself with the cozy sweet comfort knowing that you can do this and you’ll get through it! Cause like how each doughnut is uniquely awesome because they have crazy cool flavours on top, you’re awesome cause you got all of this natural radness that is inside of you that makes you… you!

crochet-donuts-vesscrochet-donuts-bianca-ling-4 crochet-donutscrochet-donuts-val-2


So tell worry to “get outta here!” and the next time you are faced with an arduous task and start to slip into a cycle of doubtful thoughts, stop yourself and yell into the sky. “I CAN do this, I AM a donut!!!”

So now go. Go and be rad like the wonderful donuts you are.

Doughnuts made by Michelle from Charcoal and Twine

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friendshipbook tutorial

book tutorial

If you can remember, a couple of weeks ago Val posted some pictures of the 10 things booklet that she made for her bestie Alex. Because it was a concertina fold book, it can be read as a book but can also be pulled all the way out. Awesome!

Recently one of our friends emailed us asking how we made it, because they were interested in making one as a gift for one of their friends! So I took this as a great opportunity to make our first ever BPS crafty tutorial, Let’s get started!


Step 1: The dimensions for the cards which you will use to make your book are: 10mm high x 21mm long

To prepare your pages make a 1 cm fold on the shorter edge of the card, this will be glued to another page later to build your booklet. Connecting the other edge of the paper to the fold you’ve just made, fold the paper in half. You should have a folded card with a 1cm edge on it.

Make 5 folded sheets of card. 

Step 2: Glue along the 1cm edge of your card, if your glue isn’t as strong, you can use some tape on the back to secure the pages together.


Step 3: Stick the 1cm edge to the back of another page. Make sure all the folds are sitting the right way.


Step 4: Glue the rest of the cards together and your book should be slowly forming! I had a bit of excess on the edge so I trimmed it off.


Step 5: Choose some pretty coloured paper and cut out 2 squares to make your front and back cover. Stick to the front and the back.


Step 6: Finally we are going to make the band which sits around the book to hold it together. Using a strip of paper, measure out a band, or freestyle it like me! Glue this band tight enough that it won’t slip off, but loose enough that it’ll be easy to take on and off.

IMG_8293 copyIMG_8290 copyIMG_8264

So there you have it! We’ve just successfully made our very first BPS craft tutorial and you have just successfully made your very first concertina book! If you make some books for yourself or for a friend, take a picture and make sure that you email us a pic, tag us in instagram, message us on Facebook, cause we really want to see it, it’ll be so awesome!

And we have a fun announcement! We are going to give away one of these concertina books to a lucky reader! More details will be revealed later on this week, so stay tuned!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and keep staying inspired.