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Emclectic Jewellery Lookbook


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Livia – L is for Olive
Emily – Emclectic Collection; Jewellery Maker
Val and Vess – Creatives Collaborators

Isn’t true that when you stop, look and observe, you find so much more than you thought you would? For as they say, beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places and big things come in small packages.

Not only that, but these often a time when the smallest of details bring a whole piece together and create much more than what you expected. A stroke of a brush, the perfect phrase, maybe even that ideal emoji that seems to just sum up all those emotions that can’t seem to be expressed in 50 words or less.

Perhaps that’s what’s just so magical about the jewellery that Emily for Emclectic collection creates. Delicate, refined, precise. Nothing left to chance. Everything colour, piece and shape chosen with clarity and joy. And the effect that they have? As we described. Precision, completion, perfection.

We had a pleasure collaboration with the lovely Emily and Livia to bring this shoot to life. All hand made and carefully created by Emily, her latest ranges have hues of pastel pink and sage green and are just waiting to add that little something to your autumn wardrobe.

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Photography: Emerald Law
Styling: Liz Loke & Vanessa Bong

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Hello our amazing readers!

You know that feeling when you discover something that’s just so cool and you almost feel like you want to keep it to yourself? Like, just having this discovery makes your feel a little special, excited, unique and sneakily different.
But all good things have to be shared, and that’s what we get to do with you today!

Introducing you to the amazing Hidden Socks Club, a place where people go to wear their heart on their feet. A little society of individuals who are  fighting the war against PGSD (Plain Grey Socks Dilemma!) and are leading the way with their quirky fun and bright designs!

In putting this photo shoot together, we wanted to take you on a little journey of intrigue, adventure and fun. But it doesn’t end there. Hidden Socks Club are giving three lucky readers a FREE pair of socks and we are giving three lucky readers an EXCLUSIVE “Daydreamer” print painted by Vess!

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Check out the Hidden Socks Club on their Facebook / Website / Instagram for more amazing fun sock goodness and….