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Emclectic Jewellery Lookbook


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Livia – L is for Olive
Emily – Emclectic Collection; Jewellery Maker
Val and Vess – Creatives Collaborators

Isn’t true that when you stop, look and observe, you find so much more than you thought you would? For as they say, beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places and big things come in small packages.

Not only that, but these often a time when the smallest of details bring a whole piece together and create much more than what you expected. A stroke of a brush, the perfect phrase, maybe even that ideal emoji that seems to just sum up all those emotions that can’t seem to be expressed in 50 words or less.

Perhaps that’s what’s just so magical about the jewellery that Emily for Emclectic collection creates. Delicate, refined, precise. Nothing left to chance. Everything colour, piece and shape chosen with clarity and joy. And the effect that they have? As we described. Precision, completion, perfection.

We had a pleasure collaboration with the lovely Emily and Livia to bring this shoot to life. All hand made and carefully created by Emily, her latest ranges have hues of pastel pink and sage green and are just waiting to add that little something to your autumn wardrobe.


KITORRI: Oedipus and Elektra



Oedipus and Elektra is an urban sportswear label that sits within a hard-to-find niche, where vintage sportswear and contemporary fashion blend effortlessly. Not for the faint hearted, this Melbourne based label crosses boundaries and mingles with the unusual. It belongs to those who prefer to play leader not follower. Continue Reading…

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V7_web V9_web V11_web V12_web



Photography: Natalie Tirant, Hannah Pho (K I N G D O M.)
Stylist: Hannah Pho (K I N G D O M.)
MUA: Livia Lia

Hello friends!

We’re always getting a little bit excited about talent and creativity over here at Big Picture Stuff. So when we first encountered Natalie‘s incredible works of art, it was a bit of a party. Natalie is a Melbourne based creative who’s primary medium is photography, however, to just call her a photographer is a bit of an understatement!

A photoshop genius, a collage extradinare, Natalie produces pieces of art that carry thoughtfulness and meaning that captivates the eye and challenges the mind.

Natalie Tirant.

1. When did you start photography and how did you start?

I think the first time I ever really picked up a camera was during high school, where we had the opportunity of learning the ropes of the darkroom. I pretty much fell in love with photography, and the beauty of it. My first real camera was a second hand Canon DSLR that I bought off my Aunty – who was also a big influence in sparking my interest in photography. I kind of kept it as a hobby until I reached University to study Fine Art, and decided to major in Photo-media.

2. Your photographs are a mixture of Fine Art and photography, where does your inspiration come from?

My strongest influences come from the Surrealists and the Dadaists, whereby the strange, the confronting and the unknown are prevalent characteristics of the movements. My photography experiments with notions surrounding the gendered body, the human form and distortion. I draw heavily on the idea of collage and am inspired by artists including Pat Brassington, Man Ray, Hannah Höch and John Stezaker.

3. Where will we see you in a couple of year’s time?

It’s really hard to say, there are so many directions that I see my practice heading towards. There is an abundance of ideas that I want to explore in terms of my research and practice. Ultimately I want to push the boundaries and concepts of my work and see where it leads me. In the mean time, I am trying to build my practice, and enjoy working and collaborating with other artists and photographers.

4. What advice would you give aspiring photographers?

Don’t stop taking photographs and experimenting with your camera!

Thanks so much Natalie for collaborating with Big Picture Stuff and we’re excited to see more of your incredible work!

NATNatalie Tirant- Featured Artist
An artist based in Melbourne specialising in photography, fine art and collage, Natalie creates work that is both captivating and thought provoking. She has exhibited in numerous exhibitions and has had work published in publications such as NEUW in store magazine. She has also recently exhibited her first solo show at Rubicon Ari 11.


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Munich Travel Thoughts

IMG_9858 copy2

IMG_9831 copy IMG_9856 copy IMG_9868 copy IMG_9884 copy IMG_9899 copyIMG_9824 copy



Photographer: Rachael Defoe
Location: Munich
Model: Val Bong

Hello there!

Before embarking on my UK adventure and subsequent ‘Eastern Europe trip’, ‘travel’ always seemed like such a large quest and an intimidating adventure full of difficulties and unknowns. To be honest I was never keen on living out of my back pack (I’m still not very keen), away from familiar places and faces and from everyday comforts. But my willingness to try something new and to push pass initial hesitations has proved extremely rewarding. 

Very similar to the way I feel about these photos taken by Rach from Suitcase home in Munich, a beautiful city in Germany (looking forward to posting more pictures soon). I was feeling extremely under the weather from a cold I had developed after being in rainy Hamburg. A runny nose, sore throat and a small acne breakout did not make me feel up for taking pictures, but Rach pushed and persisted (for those who know both of us, it’s really difficult for me to say no to Rach!) and I am so happy with the results. With all hesitations pushed aside I agreed to lie next to a running river bank, stick myself in a tree and let my hair run over twigs and branches. 

Sometimes we miss out on some of  the best experiences, simply because we allow our fears or hesitations get in the way. More and more, I realise, from chats with other travellers that the best experience are found in the most unexpected places. Following local Austrians to a hidden bar, staying a night in a Japanese monastery, being cared for by a Thai family in their village or watching a movie in a secret London location are my own stories and stories of friends who have pushed pass their doubts to experience something new, wonderful and exciting. 

So let us not let the ordinary become our normality.  Push forward to try new things, to go new places and to see the world with new eyes. You never know what you’ll find! 

Congratulations to Kaitlin and Fiona for winning our TGI Friday’s £50 giveaway!

Enjoy your mate date on us on behalf of the wonderful people at TGI Fridays! 

Much Love

val copyValerie Bong   –  Founder & Content Executive
Val is an Arts/Commerce student currently based in Leeds, UK. As a photographer and documenter she loves celebrating the beauty of the world. With her love for capturing special moments she specialises in fashion, wedding, family and event photography.

Website Twitter / Linkedin 

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IMG_9342IMG_9368 IMG_9356 IMG_9405IMG_9365
IMG_9395 IMG_9359IMG_9358

Sunglasses: Raybans (gift)
Shirt: Tempt ($10)
Skirt: Camberwell Market ($10)
Shoes: Malaysia (?? RM)
Photography: Vanessa King

Trying to stay classy while the wind in billowing your skirt multiple directions can prove to be difficult at times. Thankfully I got myself covered in the feet and the chest area, so all I had to worry about the wind exposing my lower half. But besides the problems that come from wearing skirts, I truly enjoy wearing clothes that just emmet a great level of feminity. Not to say that I don’t love my lazy pants, because I do, but wearing skirts and blouses with pink on them make me feel a bit lighter, a bit bouncier, just girly! It’s fun to throw in just a little bit of pink into your outfit and embrace that inner child when it comes to accessory choices. Like my pink ray bans for example. Protection from the sun, but making it fun!

Other fun fashion choices: sparkles, bright prints, cats, etc. We all have our weaknesses! Mine happen to be all of the above and polka dots. I adore polka dots.

Hope everyone is having a delightful week thus far, we are super excited to be bringing you more and more content cause we got so much to share with you! What are your fashion weaknesses btw? Look in your wardrobe, what do you have heaps of? I know our friend Elaine has SO MANY playsuits and crop shirts! And I’ve got a polka dot outfit for every occasion. How about you? 🙂

With Love