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Emclectic Jewellery Lookbook


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Livia – L is for Olive
Emily – Emclectic Collection; Jewellery Maker
Val and Vess – Creatives Collaborators

Isn’t true that when you stop, look and observe, you find so much more than you thought you would? For as they say, beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places and big things come in small packages.

Not only that, but these often a time when the smallest of details bring a whole piece together and create much more than what you expected. A stroke of a brush, the perfect phrase, maybe even that ideal emoji that seems to just sum up all those emotions that can’t seem to be expressed in 50 words or less.

Perhaps that’s what’s just so magical about the jewellery that Emily for Emclectic collection creates. Delicate, refined, precise. Nothing left to chance. Everything colour, piece and shape chosen with clarity and joy. And the effect that they have? As we described. Precision, completion, perfection.

We had a pleasure collaboration with the lovely Emily and Livia to bring this shoot to life. All hand made and carefully created by Emily, her latest ranges have hues of pastel pink and sage green and are just waiting to add that little something to your autumn wardrobe.

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What’s that one thing that every girl knows and dreams of? It’s common knowledge that every young lady grows up  wishfully thinking and dreaming of their ‘big day’. For some the big day may be when they get their first job, graduate from uni, move out of home. However, we would be kidding ourselves if we didn’t define the big day as the “wedding day”.

We’ve personally love love love weddings. We love the different aspects of it, the beautiful flowers, the amazing cakes, the touching photographs, the thought out table decor. We’ve been lucky enough to photograph weddings, make invites, do videography, and it never gets old! What we love the most is that weddings are ultimately a celebration of two people joining in love, life and in holy matrimony. That on that day, it is the opportunity for a couple to get creative in sharing their story and having the best day celebrating their love with their closest and most cherished!

From what we’ve seen, if can be daunting approaching the task of creating that perfect day. From the decor to the clothing, there’s not one detail that can be missed. If there’s one thing that we have learnt from the weddings that we’ve been a part of, is that no one wants to have that cookie cutter wedding where the results are formulatic and has no personal touch. That’s where the Esty Bride Trunk show comes in!

etsy-bride-2 1L8A2521 1L8A2527

Simply put, there was a variety of gorgeous sellers who were so kind, generous and sweet. They proudly shared their creations and it was so great being able to chat to people who loved weddings and creativity just as much as we do! Did we mention they had an Instagram wreath and the wonderful Mint and Melon Boutique taught us how to make our own floral crowns? Best event ever? Yes!

1L8A2529 1L8A2538 1L8A2540 1L8A2548 1L8A2552etsy-bride-3 1L8A2557

We love our friends at Etsy and we love what they do! Make sure that when you’re planning your big day, don’t hesitate to stop over at for you are sure to find something there that you will love. And in the process, you’ll be supporting local makers who want nothing more than to make your big day the best that it could possibly be. Also! Here are our 3 golden rules for wedding prep: 1) Be organised 2) Express your collective awesomeness 3) Have fun!


Some of our favourite things we saw were the breath taking crowns from Anna Marguerite. Gorgeous stationery from Dear Little Darling an beautiful handmade jewellery from Aimme Sutanto!

Thanks so much for putting on an incredibly beautiful and gorgeous event Etsy, we love you guys!



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That Dapper Chap 

George and Celeste are just part of a 5 person team from the incredible start up company, That Dapper Chap. Proudly Melbournian inside and out, these bow ties are all handmade and created locally by their incredibly passionate and inspirational team of dreamers, artisans and creatives. As big believers in imperfection as the grounding factor of humanity, That Dapper Chaps ethos of making ‘something beautiful that reflects Melbourne, its people and the dapper way’ has struck a chord with us at BigPictureStuff.  So we grabbed some tapas with them to find out more about these incredible people.

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Nottinghill Retro London Fashion


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Hello Dear Ones! 

I am happy to say that I am so very lucky to be back in one of my most favourite cities. London!

London has so much going on, so many things to see, things to eat, things to discover,  things to buy. Planning on visiting a vintage market today. Definitely will need to hold back from buying EVERYTHING.

Featured here is one of my few attempts at street photography and a few casual photos of Nottinghill. We had asked this lovely lady for directions (typical tourists) and being overly curious and talkative I asked where her bag was from. I mean, look at it (like really, scroll back up and look), don’t you reckon it’s one of the most perfect examples of upcycling old school and super cool fashion?

To my shock,  ladies and gentleman, this darling, super cool, super recyclable cassette bag, was not by a designer, not by some worker, not by a chain store but…..HANDMADE!

I was in proper awe, that someone could possibly be so amazingly talented and gifted to actually make their own bag.

I’m not sure if my attempts at making my own bag would be wearable but this lady seriously showed me anything is possible.

So I’m planning on searching my home for any super cool items which, which some help of some wire, I may be able to fashion together to something equally as cool.

Will be back to posting more content with you dear friends. Since assignments are over (yay! I survived a semester in Leeds!) I’m keeping my eyes on the BigPictureStuff  and would love for you to do the same!

Much Love

val copyValerie Bong   –  Founder & Content Executive
Val is an Arts/Commerce student currently based in Leeds, UK. As a photographer and documenter she loves celebrating the beauty of the world. With her love for capturing special moments she specialises in fashion, wedding, family and event photography.

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