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Onto new adventures



Hello friends, fellow adventurers and dreamers.

Instead of the usual inspiration and beautiful content that we usually post, I’m going to give you something a little different. Tell you something that I should have told a month ago.

So, to my wonderful friends who enjoy our journey and share with us in the adventure called life, the news is simply this. I (Vess) quit my job last month. Val did share it a little about this in her beautiful blog post A Cinderella Story

Honestly, telling people did prove to be difficult, some took it as a surprise, some were concerned that I was let go. But all had the same questions, “Why” and “What’s next?”

Why? Well the reason why is actually accumulation of a couple of factors that include, podcasts, entrepreneur women and Taylor Swift. Okay, so maybe those accumulated at the tipping point. For those who know, I was working full time as an illustrator and graphic designer at smash enterprises for the past two years. First job out of uni, I was so blessed to have a job in my field! Considering that I knew that others weren’t so fortunate. If I could sum up the lead up to my leaving it would be simply this. That all the times that we shared with you to follow your dreams, to chase adventure and to create beauty in everything, I guess that I started to believe it myself. I found myself looking at my job and questioning if that’s exactly what I want to be doing for the years to come, whether there was something else that I loved to do more. I felt this itching to learn more and to push myself further. I found myself reading interviews with designers and listening to podcasts and the idea of taking risks just stood out in my mind. And I went to the Taylor Swift concert and heard her sing songs that she wrote cause they meant something to her, and I thought, well, why not, why not give myself permission to take that step into my dreams? Didn’t I always believe that the most important thing in the world to me is to create work that touched others hearts? Could I do it?lose sight of the shore quote

So I handed in my resignation, had a farewell lunch and wiped my tears away as I drove away from the office which had been my design home for the past two years. And I moved to the second question, “what’s next?”

But to answer that, it’s going to have to be a whole other blog post.

I’ll also be sharing some of the books, websites and podcasts that helped me come to terms with what I wanted to do and gave me courage and understanding to do it.

So as I close this chapter and take with me the memories and lessons learnt from that stage in my life, I’m signing off as one who can honestly tell you that chasing your dreams is damn scary, but it’s worth it.



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Introducing some gorgeous images that I took with the incredible Sarah P. We had a impromptu photography sesh whilst we were working on our Forest Queen editorial. Channeling New Zealand music goddess Lorde, I got some amazing shots of Sarah as the sunlight danced on her shoulders. After we shot our editorial, it occurred to me that to open oneself to the creative act is actually opening oneself to a range of things. Courage, risk, creativity and imagination.

Courage. It’s a word that’s not used very often these days. Along with words as honour and valour, courage is a word which seemingly belongs to another time. Risk. It’s a word that feels unpopular, something to be avoided, calculated and controlled. However, these words can carry with them, something deeply profound and beautiful. If only we take a moment to open ourselves to what possibilities they hold. 

Creativity. It’s a phrase thrown around for centuries and labelled to professions, tasks or individuals. Imagination, It’s a word that seems to attach itself to ideas of sentimental play, or the simplicities of childhood. But within these cliche phrases, are new undiscovered worlds and boundless, limitless potential.

Courage, Creativity, Risk, Imagination.

To create is to be courageous. To dare to form beauty is a risk. To lend yourself to feel emotion and produce work which fuels your soul, ultimately requires a balance of deep vulnerability and raw courage. Deep vulnerability to open yourself up to potential failure or disappointment. Raw courage to believe that every risk is worth it if you can make something beautiful.

So, allow yourself to dream, wonder, feel and desire. Allow yourself to create things that your heart yearns to make. Release yourself in the unshackled limits of your imagination and draw out the infinite possibilities of your creativity.

Thank you Sarah for being courageous in your creativity and inspiring me to do the same. Can’t wait to see what this year will bring.






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Friendship is one of the most precious and beautiful gifts that human beings can possess. Val and I have been so lucky to be surrounded by an amazing group of people, from our high school, church, university and work as well. As many of our friends are turning 21, and we ourselves are turning 21 very soon. It gives us time for reflection to think about how lucky and overjoyed we are to have such beautiful friends surrounding us! Friends who encourage us, laugh with us, let us be a little silly with! We truly are lucky.

So with that thought, I leave you with some lettering that I did for our dear friend Ashlee for her 21st birthday. Send it and share it to someone you care about as well.

With Love