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Just Relax





More then ever, I’ve been learning the value of relaxing. Taking time out, slowing down, stopping and having moments of reflection. However, not only am I learning the physical act of relaxing, I am practicing the mental act of relaxing. To really say to my brain, “hey, you, that thought there, you got to stop running around and around in my mind.” and another one that I am constantly telling myself, “just… stop freaking out.” Maybe it’s anxiety, maybe it’s an over active imagination, maybe it’s my desire to have a strategy for everything, I’m not totally sure. But what I do know is that when I tell myself to breathe and relax, I’m showing myself deep kindness and compassion.

Two other thoughts. Number one. Pink is the colour of the season, I am totally and completely in love with the colour combinations that it invites! Pink and mustard, pink and green, pink and navy. It’s possibilities are just divine. Number two. Good things take time. We really live in a microwave world, if something doesn’t happen after a couple of months we deem it as being a complete dud. I listened to a talk by Debbie Millman recently and she emphasised that her journey was one of uncertainty, exploration and going after things she was passionate about. All of that doesn’t neatly fit into a year, or even 10 years! So, I suppose it comes back to self-compassion yet again. Recognising that so many things in life are not a “not for you” but rather are a”not yet”.

Honestly, we are excited for this not yet season, but also excited to share. To share our creativity with you, things that bring us joy, things that we want to explore. Excited allow ourselves to try things and let you see our mistakes and hopefully let you see our courage to create.

With love



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Good morning to all! Hope you woke up today anticipating desires, dreams and disasters and that today will bring a a number or a small portion of those.

Here’s a new illustration for you to enjoy and ponder. Graphite and Gouche in my little sketch pad. (made my paper crinkly…) And by the way, graphite is just a fancy way of saying, I used a pilot pacer.

It’s a bit whimsy and fun and pink. It’s a illustration of one of Romance was Born pieces from MercedesBenz Fashion Week 2013. I just saw so much of it in my instagram and on blogs and I just fell in love and knew I had to draw it! Romance was Born are so much fun and incredible at what they do. Inspiration comes from everywhere and truly they produce pieces that no one has ever seen before.

Such a joy to paint with pink and such and enjoyable task for a saturday morning.

RWB 2013

With Love