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Just Relax





More then ever, I’ve been learning the value of relaxing. Taking time out, slowing down, stopping and having moments of reflection. However, not only am I learning the physical act of relaxing, I am practicing the mental act of relaxing. To really say to my brain, “hey, you, that thought there, you got to stop running around and around in my mind.” and another one that I am constantly telling myself, “just… stop freaking out.” Maybe it’s anxiety, maybe it’s an over active imagination, maybe it’s my desire to have a strategy for everything, I’m not totally sure. But what I do know is that when I tell myself to breathe and relax, I’m showing myself deep kindness and compassion.

Two other thoughts. Number one. Pink is the colour of the season, I am totally and completely in love with the colour combinations that it invites! Pink and mustard, pink and green, pink and navy. It’s possibilities are just divine. Number two. Good things take time. We really live in a microwave world, if something doesn’t happen after a couple of months we deem it as being a complete dud. I listened to a talk by Debbie Millman recently and she emphasised that her journey was one of uncertainty, exploration and going after things she was passionate about. All of that doesn’t neatly fit into a year, or even 10 years! So, I suppose it comes back to self-compassion yet again. Recognising that so many things in life are not a “not for you” but rather are a”not yet”.

Honestly, we are excited for this not yet season, but also excited to share. To share our creativity with you, things that bring us joy, things that we want to explore. Excited allow ourselves to try things and let you see our mistakes and hopefully let you see our courage to create.

With love



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Outfit Details 

Dress: Maxim $49
Shoes:  AirFlex $40
Hair piece: Collette (gifted)

I’ve been blindsided by a four letter word. It’s a word that plays on peoples lips when asked “how are you?” and is a word which makes one feel completely accomplished. It’s the four letter word: Busy. And just to keep our conversation flowing, I’ll throw another one in there for good measure. How about this four letter word: Time. I know that all of us are often caught up in tasks of the day to day and find ourselves suddenly stuck in a routine of our own making. We find ourselves lacking time, searching for it and constantly feeling like we’re running out of it. Moments suddenly pass too quickly for us to capture and we feel like the days pass as we tick off tasks from our to-do-list. As I’ve entered into what I’ve been calling “a new stage” I’ve found myself caught in the midst of what I’ve described.
But I’ve learnt something. And it’s so simple, that I’m surprised that I haven’t learnt it before. So here it is, from the busy routines of the weeks past, I’ve learnt a simple truth that resonated in my soul. It is simply.
Love yourself.
Now I don’t mean to indulge in mindless vanity. What I mean is; to believe that you have value. And to behave in a way that confirms this truth. I came to this realisation after a long day at work and out of no where, I tried out my sister’s “chocolate milk scented” bath soap. Trust me when I say I’ve never particularly understood the purpose of scented soaps, I mean it’s not benefitting anyone if you smell like a 1000 fruits. But, as the smell of chocolate milk slowly filled my shower, I found myself feeling relaxed, pampered and simply lovely.
So know that you’re worth it. You deserve moments of time to enjoy your favourite album, to light a candle and enjoy the scent. To walk in park and marvel at the beauty. To use chocolate scented soap. To wear your favourite shoes. To watch the rom com for the 10th time. To buy yourself a bouquet of flower. To walk into a store, try on a dress and even though you have no occasion for a sequin full length gown, buy it anyway because you feel fabulous. As you make this time for yourself, soon enough, these golden precious moments will infuse your life with joy and peace and serenity. Create golden moments in time, place value on who you are and feel lovely for it.

Styling: Vanessa Bong 
Model: Vanessa Bong
Photography: Emerald Law