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You Are Rad

Hi There Guys!

As promised on our facebook page, here is just a teeny tiny something that we made to our 200+ facebook friends! Theres no other way to say it but just simply say:

You Are Rad

Thank you guys for your support of this big picture stuff journey, and we will continue to keep working towards making creative projects! It so great to know we have such great support from you and feel free to use this image as your mobile screen, or send it to someone else to make their day a bit more special. Touch someone elses heart the way you guys have filled ours with immense joy!

Thanks guys! And for those who are unsure what rad means, according to urban dictionary:

RAD: really cool, one of the highest compliments you can give someone. being rad is like being cool without having to work for it. it’s like a natural coolness.

We have stacks more fun ideas that we want to share with you, and things that we want to make and give away! So stay posted, as the holidays are coming!

With Love and awesome vibes from the corners of the globe.


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