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Hello Friends of Big Picture Stuff!

Today in Melbourne we were blessed with sun shine! Which, may I tell you, is kind of rare for us especially in the Autumn months!

Here is a really quick illustration that I did last week. This is really my first time ever trying to use photoshop to colour in my fashion illustrations, so I will continue to attempt and learn and try to get a style that I’m happy with. The illustration is from a black and white vintage photo I stumbled on on the web.

It took about an hour of casual sketching in my notebook, an hour colouring on photoshop, and then about half an hour to finish it off by placing the texture in the background. Still practicing! You can see some process shots from below, original sketch on the left and some thumbnails of possible rendering solutions.


That’s a bit of fashion and pretty pictures for your week, it’s a crazy second last week of uni for Val and I, so bear with us as we attempt to keep up with blogging and pass our uni degrees!

Thanks guys!

with love


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