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To be a Lady: Lace and Kinki Gerlinki


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 Shirt: Cotton On $10
Skirt: Kinki Gerlinki $25
Shoes: Novo $30
Necklace: Handmade by Emily

Hi there lovelies!

Generally, when we think of ‘lady like’ clothing, we think of lacy items, skirts and pieces that show off a certain level of feminity.(Is that a word?) While in the old days, ladies were restricted to wearing skirts and petticoats, we have thankfully  progressed beyond that. Now women have the choice to wear whatever their hearts’ desire! Sometimes I lean towards the ancient ideas of being a lady and like to pull out my lace and my favourite pink pencil skirt from Kinki Gerlinki. I think dressing up in pink and white, really helps to hide my more “un-lady like” habits, such as talking too loudly, taking large mouthfuls of food, and in this case, climbing trees.

It’s nice when the illusion of fashion covers the true nature of my ‘un-lady like’ being. But just a little thought here. I often think that being lady-like is often more of an attitude, especially when someone acts in an attitude of kindness and courtesy to others. There you go, a nugget of wisdom, from a girl who climbs trees in pencil skirts. (Take it as you will)

Another tip. When your photographer suggest to climb a tree, because it will make a good photo, always check if there are ants in it first.

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With love!


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