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I really want to start pumping out the blog post! To be honest though, it’s not that I don’t have anything to post (we have tons!) but editing and uploading takes up so much time. I love taking the photos but for me personally, editing is that last process (slash pain) to make my final photos just that little bit more magical or memorable.

Thought I would include the above photo as the staple photo for this post. Vess edited this one, and when I say ‘edit’ it’s usually just colour correction, playing with curves or adjusting exposure. I personally, tend not to specifically edit out blemishes from my models (unless it’s really obvious) because it takes that little bit more effort and because I feel terrible doing it! Which I know I shouldn’t but, I am always a supporter of natural beauty, so changing someone to reflect the misrepresented models in the magazines is something which I always had trouble doing.

Some excited news as well, is that Vess and I are officially in the wedding photography photobooth and event business! Tonight, we just came back from a wedding which we were hired as wedding photobooth photographers. We left name cards, so hopefully we will be able to find them here reading our blog posts (if so, hello!), or on our online photobook albums. It was really fun, and vess and I left with more ideas of how we can improve for next time!

But honestly, photobooths are such a great idea for any event, especially when you have large groups of people and fun props. It really brings people together and makes it so memorable when you’re making so many hilarious poses!

These photos were taken on the same day as the last photos with Vicky, all together I think we did five outfits. This skirt and necklace is probably one of my most favourite pieces from the shoot. The colour just pops out at you and truly looks so stunning against the bright blue sky. Hopefully we will be able to see a few more days like this before autumn sets in!

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And thankyou to all our friends who have been so encouraging with their kind words and motivation.

To be honest, the best motivation for us (dunno about other bloggers) is when people come up and say they like our work, our blog, our photography! Such a blessing!

Thanks so much guys!

And if you guys are looking and like to see more, please leave a comment!

Would make my day!



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