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When you’re a little kid, parents always tells us to eat your vegetables! Thanks to mum and dad, we took a liking to our greens and are very happy eating our fruit and veg. We are super lucky here in Melbourne to have some amazing fresh fruit and vegetables which is made available to us. We here at big picture stuff are also super lucky to live fairly close to the CBD and close to the wonderful Queen Victoria Market! Recognised as one of the landmarks of Melbourne, the Queen Vic is always alive and bustling, early in the wee hours of the morning. As you walk through the market, everything is running and all ready for you to pick up that fresh fish, produce, or in this season of summer, yummy cherries or strawberries!

These pictures that were taken by Val a couple of weeks ago are just so great! I’m so intrigued by the patterns, colours and the forms that come out in these images. It’s just plain inspiring! It also makes think of this word for the new year; fruitfulness. To work at things, have patience with things and watch things grow! I’m excited for 2014 to be a year of vibrancy and joy and simply finding beauty where you least expect it. So now who’s hungry for new things?

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