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Hello Lovely Ones

Vienna went truly above and beyond my expectations and was honestly, one of my most favourite cities from our Eastern Europe trip. Home to the largest schnitzels, the most beautiful palaces and the original coffee house culture Vienna is definitely a place for travellers who may enjoy some of the finer things in life.

I was asked by a friend of recommended things to do, places to see, what to eat and pretty much what is there to do in the beautiful place known as Vienna.

Top things to do in Vienna

1) Sandwiches and coffee shop:Trzesniewski
Recommended in both the local tourist map and lonely planet guide, this is the place of the most unique and interesting sandwiches. Try a few and then walk down to one of the local coffee shops and do it like a local, sipping coffee and reading a news paper. Here’s a tip: Vienna requires tips, so be ready to give 10% on top as a service charge.

3) Sit on some Lawn
Vienna has some of the most beautiful lawns and garden spaces I have ever seen. All done to perfection, on a sunny day, you see hundreds of locals, enjoying outdoor cafes, picnics or throwing a frisbee. The best parks can be found on Museumplatz, such as the Volksgarten, Burggarten, Hofburg gardens

4) Take Photos of Art Nuevo Architecture 
Probably one of my most favourite aspects of Vienna was the aesthetics of the place. Decorative art work and intrinsic design on everything made my heart swoon and soar! Above is an image of us going into the oldest Art Nuevo toilet in the world. You pay 1 Euro to go in, so not really a must do, unless you’re like me and enjoy that kind of thing!

5) Visit a Palace: Belvedere Palace 
Home of Gustave Klimt’s iconic golden leaf art work “The Kiss” this palace is not one to be missed, the gardens are stunning, the art work is beautiful and the atmosphere is breathtaking. Entry into the gardens and grounds is free, but there is an admission to see within the palace, and the gallery. Photography is not allowed inside, but definitely worth a couple hours of your day.

5)Try the Sachertorte Cake: Hotel Sacher
The famous ‘Sachertorte’ cake is this delicious creation, pride and joy of Hotel Sacher, which is located on the main shopping strip. A trade mark of Vienna it is a must try for visitors. A bit on the pricey side for what it is, you can probably get away with sharing a cake between the two of you. A quick tip: if you are keen to try the cake, most cafes have a cheaper version, but if you are after the real deal we definitely recommend eating the ‘original Sachertorte’ at the Hotel Sacher itself.  

6) Eat a Weiner Schnitzel: Schnitzelwirt 
This photo does not really do it much justice,  but these Schnitzel are huge! Schnitzelwirt, has the largest schnitzels you will ever lay eyes on. The price is relatively cheap and the serving size is huge! (I know, I keep mentioning the schnitzel size it, but seriously it’s like grande grande size). A place frequented by locals, nervous looking tourists and a line out the door this place is definitely authenticity at it’s finest. A little walk out of the main city, but definitely worth the stroll.


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