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Windy Weather

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Ah, shall we have a break from Japan pics? (Don’t worry, I have a post idea to display the wonder of Disneyland into the world of BigPictureStuff!) These pictures were taken before our trip to Japan and if I remember correctly, during a very windy winter afternoon. Taken on top of the car park of Westfield Doncaster on a day when the sun was perfect.

Within this post, I’m wearing a top from the op shop, mustard scarf from Italy (I think Vess got it for 3 Euro!), pants from Dotti ($10!) and shoes from Myers. Very much a greenish sort of day for me. My favourite part of this outfit is definately the green shirt. Collared shirts, are seriously my one love when it comes to fashion. One can never have enough collared shirts. They look great with jumpers, cardigans, with jeans, skirts, shorts, pretty much everything! My only worry is that I’ll look back at my old photos and think that I dressed like a young lad. But, I can live with that.

Like I said before, it was a really windy day. So you can see some epic wind swept hair action in some of these shots. Very fun!

Hope the weather is very well, where you are our lovely readers!


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