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 This outfit was worn during our trip in Japan when Val and I decided to try and figure out how to navigate through Ginza by ourselves! We managed to visit the imperial palace and also do a stack of wandering and exploring around Ginza that felt very much accidental! Japan is so amazing, each area feels completely different from each other, Ginza presents itself as a modern city scape with clean straight roads and very good urban planning. As you venture to Sunamatchi street you’re greeted with the vast row of consumer heaven with wonder boutiques such as commes garcons to tempt you inside and spend your money!

We have so much we want to share with you from our Japan holiday, super sorry that the posts have slowed down! We’re still trying to keep up with uni and assessments, but truly, all we really want to do is blog!

But with our new blog layout thanks to Val and our wonderful cousin Veronica. We are ready to go!

Stay updated to our facebook page as well, we’ve got more changes in store!

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