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AGDA First Five Out


When ADGA asked us to speak about ‘Freelancing’ we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.



As I had gone to a few of AGDA’s first five out events, I was well aware of the nature of it. Awesome cool person share from incredible life experiences and collective group leaves inspired to do awesome in design career. Having been part of that collective group, the idea of being that awesome cool person spouting inspiring stuff never crossed my mind. So when an e-mail popped into our inbox asking if we could speak at First Five Out, we were floored.

What resulted was; some intense discussions, me explaining the term “Freelance” to Val and confirming with her that we do indeed do it, delving into the archives looking through past work and the attempted suppression of a potential freak out.

The night itself was far different to what we anticipated. Finding out we were speaking last, we were immediately put at ease by Tina’s image of Mr Bean, and then suddenly, we were off. The wonderful Ashley Ronning, whose work we we had previously enjoyed at the Esty At The Cullen event, shared about her practice and confirm her fangirl status in our minds. Then the talented Claire Sutton inspired us with her incredible work ethic and her love for pickles. The quirky and lovely Billie Thompson wow-ed us with her fantastic work and captured our hearts with her honest sharing of her first freelancing job. Armed with colourful advice and great luna park ghost train metaphors, Nathan Nankervis had us laughing and jotting down notes in his open and insightful talk. He put us at ease with his revelation that everyone is essentially “winging it”. And finally, Dylan McDonough shared great tips and amazed us with his commitment to creating unique and beautiful work.

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And then it was our turn. Prepped with images of our work and silly photos we share these thoughts with the crowd:

  1. Discovering what you love and be your brand

  2. Value yourself and your industry

  3. Believe in yourself and go after your dreams.

We got some laughs and graciously received an applause! We even had some lovely people who we spoke to after our talk! It was such a pleasure that we truly enjoyed, more than we had expected to! Thank you AGDA for taking us out of our comfort zone and allowing us to do what we love; sharing, inspiring and creating.

With Love

Vess and Val


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  • Anthony Louey 24/05/2015 at 1:26 pm

    So good & so proud, well done gals!

    • Val & Vess 26/05/2015 at 7:34 pm

      Anthony! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! Can’t wait to catch up with you and our Crumpler Family soon! 🙂