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If there’s one tip that we would love to give you, is that never put a limit on what you think you are capable of. If you had told us that we were going to be spending a Saturday morning cutting up assorted fresh fruits to make a fruit mosaic top lay, we wouldn’t have heard a word of it. But that’s what we did!

We met the wonderful Sherie at a event, we were struck by her incredible work and could not believe that this young lady owned her own pressed juicery, Ayomo. We were so impressed that she was in the process of developing a brand that promotes a healthier lifestyle for everybody and we were even more blown away when she asked if we wanted to visit their little juice factory!


Lucky for us, we did get to visit and try their delicious juice. But not only that, we had the opportunity to create some crazy fruit collages that they used for their in store posters and marketing materials. We literally raid their fridge that was full of fresh produce from the morning and just cut it all up in their office! A top lay dream! So if you see an Ayomo van driving around, you know who took that picture on the side of the van. (a hint, it was us!)


With four store locations and an expanding collection of juice and food offerings, there’s no stopping the wonderful Sherie and her team. What we learnt from these awesome inspiring folk, is to take the chance, work hard, and get your dream out there! Cause chances are, people will love your dream as much as you do.

Thanks so much Ayomo for having us! We loved using our creativity on this project and giving us the opportunity to work with such an inspiring brand!

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  • Emily 11/11/2015 at 1:11 am

    such great work girls! absolutely loving the posters and fruit arrangements!