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etsy at the cullen


Etsy at The Cullen takes the award for being creative champions. 

Humanity finds themselves drawn to beautiful things.

Whether it’s a painting, a pretty dress, or some drool worthy photo of someone’s brunch on instagram.We look for it, love to document it and commend those who champion it.

Now, if we were giving awards to the “champion-est” of champions, Etsy would take out the award hands down. Recognising the creative potential of individuals, Esty has really created a new market place for maker and consumer to connect in a real and new way. Advocating unique creations that are not only exceptionally beautiful, but that are made with a true heart and soul. Now, Etsy has taken their amazing philosophy to the next level with their latest collaboration “Esty at the Cullen” 

etsy-at-the-cullen-3 etsy-at-the-cullen-4 etsy-at-the-cullen-6 etsy-at-the-cullen-7 etsy-at-the-cullen-8 etsy-at-the-cullen-9 etsy-at-the-cullen-11 etsy-at-the-cullen-13 etsy-at-the-cullen-16

Take the Australian owned and operated Art Series Hotel group‘s hotel “The Cullen” and invite two of Australia’s star stylists Marsha Golemac and Brooke Holme to style a suite using products all from Australian Etsy sellers. The results. Stunning.

We loved the space, the room, the feel and the overall vibe of it all. We were surprised to find that the incredible colour lights were in fact hand made in Melbourne by Mark Douglass Design and the amazing linen sheets by House of Baltic Linen was a product that could be found on Etsy! We definitely loved the ceramic work by Boheni and couldn’t go past the amazing 3-D printed little vases by Mima Workshop.
Had a bit of a fan girl moment over Ashley Ronning ‘s zines and died a little enjoying the original abstract painting by Gem Heart Art. But the thing that caught our eye and caused us to resist the great urge to simply slide it into our pocket, was the absolutely charming crafter ornaments by Vanessa Bean Shop. Such a gorgeous and sweet addition to the space and left us wanting to buy a couple for ourselves.

etsy-at-the-cullen-17 etsy-at-the-cullen-18 etsy-at-the-cullen-20 etsy-at-the-cullen-22 etsy-at-the-cullen-23 etsy-at-the-cullen-24 etsy-at-the-cullen-26 etsy-at-the-cullen-27

What we took away from the night was that there is just so many talent, passionate creatives out there who are making and producing amazing quality work. The next time you’re looking to furnish your home, do check out Etsy to find something unique, bespoke and especially, made with heart and soul. etsy-at-the-cullen-28 etsy-at-the-cullen-29 etsy-at-the-cullen-30 etsy-at-the-cullen-31 etsy-at-the-cullen-32

Thank you so much Etsy for inviting us along to the night, such a pleasure to enjoy the work and the talents of Brooke and Marsha, but also the skills of all the Etsy sellers who were showcased on the night.
Stay curious, stay inspired.
Val and Vess

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  • Ashley Ronning 08/05/2015 at 7:28 pm

    You’re so sweet!!!

    • Val and Vess 10/05/2015 at 8:04 pm

      Hi ASH!

      And your so talented!!!

      Can’t wait to meet you on FRIDAY!!!

      😀 haha fan girls for realz!