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fall-in at falls creek



On a September Friday, the big picture stuff girls and their loyal friend Haesel hopped into their car at 7am in the morning and began a four hour drive towards the snowy mountains. Oblivious challenges ahead, armed with chocolate and sense of adventure, they sped down the highway in the hopes that they would experience the snowy alps. Despite seeing majority of their other friends heading towards the beach, as it was a 30 degree day that Friday, the girl’s held on to their high hopes and risked it all and made their way to Falls Creek.


All drama aside, we did take a massive risk that Friday. Having been given snow lift tickets from Renault, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have a little bit of a snow day. Even through the odds were highly stacked against us, 5 hours to falls creek isn’t the most efficient day trip location, we still took it in our stride and really just went for it.

That’s the theme for this post really, going for it, trying something new, taking the risk, doing something that is so unbelievable insane that when look back on it you really question your common sense at the time. Like skiing on a 30 degree day, or driving to falls creek and returning back in the one day (10 hours total!), or agreeing to go skiing at 7am and joining your two crazy friends even though you have never skied before. The last statement is just applicable to our darling Haesel.

fall-creek-8-vess fall-creek-16-haesel
fall-creek-10-val-vess fall-creek-11 fall-creek-12-haesel

fall-creek-13-haesel fall-creek-13-val fall-creek-14 fall-creek-15-vess

fall-creek-20-val-vess fall-creek-21-haesel

But what did we take away from this day? Did we regret it? Were we disappointed? No, not at all. Rather, we took away from this adventure a sense of motivation. A greater faith in our capacity. The idea that even if something seems super crazy and simply just impossible, the only thing that stopping us, could really just be ourselves.

What led us to this conclusion? Maybe it was the drive, the skiing, the 30 degree weather or the snow. But it was none of those. Rather, the realisation came as we watched Haesel take to the slopes. Despite never ever having skied before, we watched as she pushed herself down the track and glided the way down. All the while screaming, we were so impressed that she skied down what found later to be the intermediate track. Not only that, we watched as every time she fell, she would get back up and try again. That’s what we took away. The wonderful realisation that we really should take the chance and risk trying something new. Haesel did it, let her be your hero too.

Thank you Falls Creek and Renualt for the ski lift tickets, you gave us a day in the snow and memories to last a lifetime.






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  • samthompsonfilm 08/04/2016 at 12:58 am

    That’s super cool! Got an awesome day for it!