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Free to Be

Free to Be Concert 2015 (80 of 90)

Free to Be Concert 2015 (26 of 90)
Happy Friday! Last month we had the opportunity to be a part of an awesome event which saw a bunch of passionate people work together for an important cause. We had the chance to play a part in the Light FM sponsored Free to Be concert, an event where local artists came together to sing, dance and perform to fight for the freedom for those trapped in human trafficking. We were overjoyed that we could contribute to something that we felt so passionate about, freedom and the arts. We know what you’re thinking, Val and Vess can sing and dance?!  No we haven’t been hiding a singing talent, we left that to the professionals! We were lucky to lend our talents to assist the absolutely wonderful Red Hong Yi!

If you haven’t heard of Hong Yi yet, let us tell you a bit about her. Hong Yi is an exceptionally talented, intelligent and driven visual artist. She’s generous with her time and her efforts and to top it all off she is potentially the most humble person we have ever met. Now, we strongly suggest you google her and come back to this blog post after you’ve spent 3 hours of your life discovering just how amazing she is. You won’t regret it!Free to Be Concert 2015 (36 of 90)FREE-62
Free to Be Concert 2015 (61 of 90)

Free to Be Concert 2015 (70 of 90)

Our concept was truly a collaboration from start to finish, during the process, the imagery and the creation. We painted together, brainstormed together and were open to the creativity of each other! The final piece featured beautiful lettering and a women looking outwards to her bright future having being liberated to be whoever she wished to be.

On the night, intertwined with dance numbers and musical performances by Haiku, Abrahm Gun, Andrew DeSilva and Soli Tesema, we created our art piece in the midst of it all! From the audience it looked like we were weaving magic. On the stage it really looked like messy mix of paint in tofu containers, paint brushes everywhere and the three of us trying not to step on each other’s toes!

FREE-89FREE-56 Free to Be Concert 2015 (81 of 90) Free to Be Concert 2015 (87 of 90)

However, we were able to pull it all together in the end and we can literally say that it was one of the most challenging, fun and rewarding experiences that we have had so far. Live painting was never something we thought we could do and collaborating with Hong Yi was something that we had only dreamed about. So guys, keep dreaming, keep loving people and who knows what will become of it!

Our gracious thank you to the team at Free to Be for being so kind and for creating an incredible event. Thank you to the wonderful Hong Yi for asking us to collaborate, we’re looking forward to more chats and fan girling sessions in the future! Love you heaps!

Photos by: Justyn Koh & Sanjeev Singh

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  • Sarah L 16/01/2016 at 10:57 am

    I googled Hong Yi and her stuff is amazing! I have heard before in the media about her Jackie Chan Chopsticks piece. What a team you three made 🙂
    (Always love your stuff Val and Vess! Big fan)

    • Val & Vess 23/02/2016 at 9:35 pm

      Thanks so much Sarah! How incredible is Hong Yi’s work! She’s always inspiring us with her love for art and creativity and it encourages us to go further with our own art. Really appreciate you leaving us a comment! Send you love and good vibes for all of your creative adventures as well 🙂