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How To Make A Wax Seal


Our dream has always been to create work together that touches people and that speaks to others. I always thought that once you got a ‘custom seal’ you were legit and now thanks to Kustom Haus we are! 

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Well, of course having a wax seal doesn’t legitimise your work but it definitely enhances it. Vess and I had a lot of fun figuring out how to use these beautiful stamps and writing letters to some amazing people.


We are no experts but thanks to the great guys at Kustom Haus Seals (and their brilliant blog) we were able to figure it out.

So from our super fun experience here is a step by step guide of how to make a custom seal. 

  1. Write a card to an AWESOME person
    Letter writing is so fun, especially when we are used to sending instant message via our phones, receiving a letter has become a novelty. Vess and I both love sending and receiving cards so these stamps have definitely added little extra oomph to our gifts.
  2. .Heat up your wax

Obviously with wax seals you need to heat up the wax to stamp! You can do this one of two ways; One way (which you can see here) is to use a hot glue gun to melt and press onto the service. This is great if you are planning to do quite a bit of stamping. Another way is  to heat up the wax using a metal spoon and a tea light candle. You heat the wax (around 15mm in diameter) over the flame till it melts and then carefully tip onto your surface.


2. Stamp it baby! 

I literally think ‘ stamp it now’ in an Arnold Swarzenegger voice as I watch the wax spread across the paper. Once the wax is on the surface, press the stamp down gently on top. Let the stamp rest for a bit as it cools down. Don’t lift it up too early, or the wax will stick to the stamp and won’t stay on the surface (as we quickly found out).


3. Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle 

Leave the stamp on there till the wax has dried. Carefully wiggle, wiggle, wiggle the stamp to lift off the brass seal. This will magically reveal your amazing custom wax seal! Yippee! Invoking an elated feeling of pride and accomplishment!

4. Cleaning up 

Make sure you clean your stamp. Don’t get the wooden handle wet, but it’s best to wipe down the stamp with a slightly damp clothe and pack away for future use.


And there you have it. Our step by step of how to create your own wax seal!
Definitely check out Kustom Haus Seals, they do some INCREDIBLE work. Business owners, brides, letterers, instagrammers, you’ve got to get yourself one of these if you are looking to add that little extra touch to your event or brand. If you’re not there yet, do give these guys a follow on Insta. They have some great work!


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