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Jacob and Esau A/W15


Sometimes the hardest thing in life is not starting the race but having the discipline to keep going. Many people, companies and organizations fail after they lose momentum and choose to quit when losses are low .

But there are always the inspiring and courageous ones. Those who have a dream and drive to succeed. Those who don’t give up after the first season, but they play to win, and to do better each and every time. Ethical fashion label Jacob and Esau are one of the courageous ones. Having released their first A/W label, it’s amazing and surreal to think that not even a year ago Jo and Esther were promoting their pozible campaign to raise the funds and make Jacob and Esau a reality.

Working to bring hope, equality and fairness back into the fashion industry Jacob and Esua is definitely an empowering and inspiring company. Seeking to do good and make you look good at the same time, Jacob and Esau’s latest collection will blow you away with its strength and versatility. From the woven pocket square to a cross cut neckline and pockets of the hoodie, each piece holds a distinct and a unique characteristic.

I was blessed to take the photos you see here and some which you can see in their online store. Photos were taken by myself and the amazing Ernest from Handcrafted pictures (check out his work, it’s so awesome!) around the corner from Jo’s new shop the good store. All models were all troopers, waking up before sunrise for hair and makeup and 3 hours of shooting.  Mat, who’s an incredible film maker and director, also modelled and made this insane behind the scenes video which you can watch below that makes Ernest and I look majorly pro;


jacob-esau-winter-autumn-2015-64jacob-esau-winter-autumn-2015-50 jacob-esau-winter-autumn-2015-46jacob-esau-winter-autumn-2015-70
jacob-esau-winter-autumn-2015-83 jacob-esau-winter-autumn-2015-85 jacob-esau-winter-autumn-2015-88 jacob-esau-winter-autumn-2015-2jacob-esau-winter-autumn-2015-98

If you would like to get your hands on any of these items pictured here or in their online store get in quick! I’ve got mine and I love it!

Clothing: JacobAndEsau (
Models: Josh, Charis, Esther and Mat
Makeup: AP Beauty (
Videography: Mat Sliwinski (
Photography: Valerie Bong Photography and HandCrafted Pictures (

P.S sorry for the lack of links, our hyperlinks don’t seem to be working at the moment!

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  • Livia 10/06/2015 at 9:01 pm

    Love the video of the BTS!! so chill, the pics are so effortless Val! Well done!

    • Val & Vess 10/06/2015 at 10:42 pm

      Thanks so much Liv! I know! The BTS makes it so cool…haha. Let’s make videos too! When can we see more pictures from your recent shoots?? That B&W one looks amazing!