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Well, it’s the new year guys and we’re keen to get things rolling for 2016!

Cannot believe how quickly the year has gone by and what amazing people we’ve met and experiences we’ve had in 2015.

Heading into 2016, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own personal goals for the blog.

Big Picture Stuff initially began as a creative project during University, as I felt devoid of all creative juices while studying Commerce and Arts. It has since become a community, a platform, a business venture and a catalyst for some incredible projects and collaborations.

As I was thinking about my personal goals for Big Picture Stuff, I found myself stressing over things such as monetising, product development, markets and personal branding. During my thought process, I was overcome by so many thoughts and feelings that it felt paralysing. It was as though I had just opened a box, filled to the brim with numerous ideas and future ventures. Ideas that were coated with the sparkle of opportunity but had the heaviness of fear and failure.

For as much as I said 2015 was a great year, it was also an extremely challenging year of personal growth and the realisation of the work I wanted to do and the work I wasn’t willing to do.

So what did I do? After feeling so overwhelmed?

I told myself ..

Just Keep Swimming

That even though I sometimes feel inadequate, confused and worried, I told myself that the best thing to do is to just keep swimming. To keep swimming through hard times and riding the waves to even better times. Yes, there are times with our blog where I feel paralysed, and I over think about what we share hence the occasional radio silence on our end. The best thing I’ve learnt to over come this is  to keep experimenting and learning.

So stick around and float a while with us. We can’t wait to be creating more with you this year!

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Thanks so much for our friends Alex, Alyssa and Andrew for letting us use their pool and for all our dear friends who postponed their splashing at the pool party for us to take some snaps. (These are the same friends who pushed us in the pool once we were done with the photos!)

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