Lessons from my Graduation

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During my graduation I learnt many things. Some which I think I can apply for my wedding day. Having 3 Aunties and 2 Grandmas come from Malaysia and Singapore for my graduation was such a blessing but also very stressful. All of our extended family is in Malaysia, Brunei or Singapore and being in such close proximity with them was something new, different and memorable. Reflecting on the day I realised I learnt quite a few lessons for the future. Val's Grad Digitals-191Val's Grad Digitals-163

1.  Plan what you’re wearing the night before 

I hope on my wedding day I’ll have my dress sorted well before the day. But being so busy with work and thinking of where to take the relatives  I had no idea what I was wearing prior to the day itself! I found this Michael Kors dress we got second hand from someone that morning and it was the best colour to stand out against the black robe. I also got my makeup done by the loveliest Livia from LisiforOlive. Getting my hair and makeup done at 10am for a 4pm graduation yet again made it feel like a precursor to my wedding….

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2. Keep grandma away from the champagne

My amazing Aunty Joyce from Singapore bought me Champagne ‘from Champagne’ (prior to this I didn’t know Champagne was a place) for all of us to share in celebration of my graduation. Regardless the reason, we took tons of photos opening the bottle, pouring the champagne, even some of me opening the box. Ernest, Vess and I went to the other side of the campus to take some more pictures. When we returned we met a very animated and slightly red faced grandma. Turns out Grandma Voon (my mum’s mother) was posing with the Champagne bottle to her lips and ended up glugging some down. Getting a bit tipsy as well…

Val's Grad Digitals-23Val's Grad Digitals-27Val's Grad Digitals-196Val's Grad Digitals-1983. Get an understanding and fun photographer
Photos to a photographer are important. Well, perhaps not to all of them. (Heaps of my photographer friends don’t feel comfortable having their photo taken) but my family, particularly my mum LOVES photos. She’s the ultimate selfie taking, facebook uploading, asian mumma. She’s not on the ipad-holding-front-row-wedding level yet (please comment if you know what I’m talking about) but she is definitely a quarter of the way there. Which is why I knew I had to ask someone who was patient and loved having a bit of fun to take our photos. I’m so grateful to Ernest, a true talent, friend and encouragement who took the photos you see here (aren’t they amazing!). You can see more of his work on his website(www.handcraftedpictures.com).Val's Grad Digitals-136Val's Grad Digitals-11

4. Relax and enjoy the moment

During the 1-2 hours we were taking photos, Ernest had to remind me to ‘relax and smile’. Of course I was in a slight state of anxiety half the time. Despite being an obvious extravert, I get so stressed in family situations. (The pressure to people please is exemplified by 100% when I want my family to have the best time.) So it was a great reminder destress and be in the moment. Val's Grad Digitals-39 Val's Grad Digitals-46 Val's Grad Digitals-56Val's Grad Digitals-173

Thankyou to all my family who took the effort to come and see my special day. I am sure my wedding will be ten times more momentus but it’s a very special feeling that you love me enough to cross the seas to come and celebrate a small milestone in my life. And thanks to all my friends for their well wishes on facebook, instagram and beyond!

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