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Picnic Day


All too often we can feel that we’re on this journey called “life” alone. We look to our plans and our life and nothing seems to be relatable to anyone! However, often when you do have the opportunity to sit down and really discover other people’s journeys, you soon find other people who are on very similar journeys to you!
happy-parties-au-12 happy-parties-au-14 happy-parties-au-19 happy-parties-au-21happy-parties-au-24

happy-parties-au copyhappy-parties-au-28happy-parties-au-20 copyhappy-parties-au-22Val organised a wonderful creative catch up with a bunch of our favourite ladies and as we sat in the Botanical Gardens with a spread of wonderous food before us, we share our journeys with each other. Journeys of first falling in love with design, the moment that we actually realised that there was a job that exists to make beautiful things all day. Pearls of wisdom were shared and agreements made.

All the party deco supplied by our wonderful friend Hayley from Happy Parties really made the picnic so amazing. It was so colourful that people slowed their walk as they moved past us!

happy-parties-au-4happy-parties-au-18happy-parties-au- copy

So, for those of you who are either striking it out on your own, are engaged in creative endeavours and are feeling that the journey feels like a long up hill climb. Stop for a second and look around. They are people around you! People who had gone before, people who are following in your steps and many who stand beside you. Be encouraged that people stand next to you and reach out to others to help you on your journey. Cause it’s not a lone uphill climb, it’s a band of people trekking through.

Thank you Candy, Renee, Viet-me, Wanissa and Harmony for joining our picnic! Please make sure you check out their instagram guys and see their incredible work!happy-parties-au-29

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