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Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

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Not only is Kuching our family’s home town, but it’s also the home to many wondrous animals, wildlife and fauna. All which reside in the beautiful rainforest.

Here are some of my fav pics from the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, a rehabilitation centre located 24km from Kuching.  Established in 1975, the centre was created to care for wild animals which may have been found injured in the forest, orphaned, or were previously owned illegally as pets. Since it’s opening Semenggoh has assisted more than 1,000 endangered mammals, birds and reptiles from dozens of different species, but their main focus is helping the incredible Orang utans.

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Not sure if you’ve seen an Orang utan before, but these guys are so graceful in the trees and their interactions are incredible to watch! While we were there, we witnessed two mother’s with their babies who were teaching them how to peel fruits and swing across vines.

Orang utans once inhabited numerous parts across Asia but now they can only be found on two islands; Borneo (where Kuching is!) and Sumatra. Deforestation for palm oil, hunting and the illegal pet trade of baby orang utans threaten their livelihood and the future existence of these creatures. Orang utan means “man of the jungle” in Malay, (which makes me think of the incredibly huge Orang utan in the 2016 Jungle Book film) and really puts into perspective how ancient these creatures are

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We watched the Orang utans interact with one another for around an hour before we were ushered out by the staff. Surprisingly the centre only opens for an hour during the day during feeding time for visitors, once in the morning and in the afternoon, so staff can work the rest of the day (remember it’s a centre not a zoo!). Definitely recommend giving this place a visit, as it’s probably the closest you’ll get to seeing Orang utans in their natural habitat.

Well there’s my lil environment lesson for today! Stay tuned as I’ve got some great ‘caving’ photos to share and a latest photoshoot as well. Keep exploring and discovering.

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  • Angelina K 05/07/2016 at 1:14 am

    So beautiful, Val + Jess. You’ve made me fall in love with my home country again.