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When our beloved relatives came to Melbourne for Val’s graduation, we knew we had to impress them with our city’s best. So what did we do? Took them out for brunch of course.

If there’s one thing that Melbourne does so well, it’s brunch. Especially in these winter months, there’s nothing better than treating oneself to a coffee and a beautiful meal. We knew that we had to take our Auntie to one of the best in the business, so from many recommendations, we ventured to Seven Seeds cafe.


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Situated on a large street with not much surrounding it, we would have walked right past if not for our trusted buddy, google maps. Deceptively unassuming, Seven Seeds is box of surprises. When we walked through the plain industrial door, we were surprised to be greeted with a beautiful open long space. Sitting down, we were expecting a limited menu (as some brunch places like to keep things simple) but we were spoilt for choice. Going with dishes from the “Autumn menu”, we weren’t expecting anything to filling or fancy. But  once again we were completely blown away by our two beautiful dishes that looked gorgeous and tasted simply incredible.

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Lesson learnt, never judge a cafe by it’s front door.

All in all, Sevens Seeds is a beautiful cafe who’s food is absolutely delicious and the cafe itself has a wonderful vibe. They also have an incredible strong commitment to their coffee, especially towards where it’s produced and how it’s made. We’re definately making our way back there, simply for the fact that we didn’t get the chance to try their Brioche French Toast. Give us a yell if you want to join us!




And what did our Auntie think of it?

We like to think she liked it.


Hope you found this review enjoyable! Do you have any cafe recommendations? Comment below, we would love to hear them!

Val and Vess

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