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State Youth Games: Typography Workshop


Teaching others is important but does experience matter?

But I would never consider myself qualified or experienced enough to be considered a ‘teacher’.

Don’t get me wrong, like many primary school children I have entertained the thought of becoming a teacher. Inspired by the likes of famous teachers like Mrs Frizz from the magic school bus. (I totally could be the frenzied, hyper active and slightly crazed teacher of the school yard.) But when I think seriously about it, I feel so insecure about teaching others.

So when Elise from State Youth Games asked Vess and myself to teach a 1.5 hour typography workshop, we were honoured, amazed and bewildered. Thoughts of being considered a fraud, being judged and unworthiness surged into my mind (unbeknown to Elise at the time) but like most things we do, I took a deep breath, placed my trust in God and hoped for the best.

And how did it go you may ask?

Well, luckily here are some pictures for you to take a look.

state-youth-games-typography-workshop-1 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-2 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-3 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-4 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-5 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-6 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-7 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-8 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-9 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-10 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-11 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-12 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-13 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-14 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-15 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-16 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-17 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-18

I will admit, the twenty participants didn’t leave as typographical ninjas, nor did they gain thousands of followers on instagram after now knowing how to draw a black line. However, they did learn just enough to keep going and to remain curious this new craft.

I guess that’s what struck me the most. That with what little knowledge we know, we can teach another person something. Our 2.0 worth of knowledge is greater than another person’s 1.5 worth of knowledge. As long as you are 2 steps or even 1 step in front, you can offer something valuable and meaningful. Especially through some of the crazies of life, having someone to guide you a few steps of the way can be a massive help.

And let me just say, openness is attractive. Those who are open with their lives, craft, design and especially their success, attract others. These type of people are approachable, humble and show that it doesn’t take superpowers to achieve the seemingly impossible. There’s no hidden secrets between them and the world, only love, honestly and authenticity.

state-youth-games-typography-workshop-19 state-youth-games-typography-workshop-20

We never thought that we would have the chance to teach others, so we would like to give a massive thankyou to Elise and the State Youth Games team for inviting us and for making such an amazing, memorable and life changing event. Can’t wait to work more with you guys in the future!

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  • Jordan Alyssia 23/06/2015 at 7:11 am

    I would love to do one of your courses x

    • Val & Vess 29/06/2015 at 7:47 pm

      You’re seriously so sweet! We’ll keep you updated if we do plan another type workshop in the future! It’s definitely something we will want to do! x