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Thankyou Chapter One


What would you do if you had the power to change some stuff? 

Now we’re not talking Superman type of stuff with his laser eyes and super flight, we’re not even talking about Iron man with his crazy super suit. We’re talking about real tangible change, the flip the world on its head sort of thing, the “I’m part of a movement” kind of vibe, the doing something that’s never been done before sort of stuff. And the best part is, you can do it right now, today.


Introducing thankyou. thankyou exists as a social enterprise to create products and give 100% of the profit to global projects, aiming to eradicate poverty. And that’s where we all come in. Thankyou has come out with Chapter One a book that will inspire you to make your own dreams and ideas a reality. The moment you buy Chapter One you are literally changing stuff, here’s how


1. This book is a dream chasing guide of awesome
Despite the wonder that is thankyou it was not without it’s initial challenges. Founder Daniel Flynn details the set backs he faced achieving his impossible dream, from production challenges to the the times that he was ready to throw in the towel. Detailing his journey with frank detail and honesty, the insights that he takes away from the journey are incredible. “Turn your stumbling block into your stepping stones” and “High five the status quo in the face, with a chair” (you’ll have to read it to get that one!) are just some of the insights that we gathered from this book!


2. Chapter one challenges the status quo
There’s a couple of little odd things about this book. Basically, it’s this, you read it landscape and you pay what you want. Seriously. The moment you pick it up and read it, you’re challenging social norms and the status quo. You’re joining the dreamers, the risk takers and the courageous. Pay what you want? For a book? It doesn’t even make sense. But chasing your dreams rarely makes sense does it?


3. You’re investing into an idea that could change the course of history
All the profits from this book are crowdfunding the future of thankyou. The future of thankyou involves two things, 1. Amazing nappies (disposable and reusable) and beautiful baby soft body care products, with 100% of the profits helping to fund health programs for mums and bubs in need. 2. Setting up Thankyou NewZ ealand to increase the potential to change even more lives.


So hang tight and get prepared to start changing stuff! The stuff of your dreams, the stuff of society, the stuff of the world. Pay what you want for Chapter One

Click here to: Buy the book
Click here to: Learn more about thankyou
Click here to Find out more about ChapterOne

From today, thankyou has 10 days left to achieve their $1.2 Million goal, they’re halfway there and you can make a difference.


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