The Details Co.: Wedding at AbbotsfordConvent


Welcome to my wedding weekend where I was asked by the amazing Lily from The Details Co. to take some ‘behind the scenes’ photos for a wedding held in the Abbotsford Convent

As many of you may know, Vess and I both love weddings. So much so, that in year 12, to procrastinate we use to avidly keep up to date with our favourite wedding blogs and photographers. Not what 18 year olds usually do in their spare time.

With my love for weddings and love for people I was elated to be asked by Lily to take a few pics and to see how her team creates the atmosphere for the day. From the morning to late afternoon, The Details Co team created an incredibly beautiful set up of hanging foliage, captivating flowers and of course, stunning details.thedetailsco-weddings-25thedetailsco-weddings-2thedetailsco-weddings-6thedetailsco-weddings-16thedetailsco-weddings-8thedetailsco-weddings-19thedetailsco-weddings-5

It was incredible to watch the entire event come together and see how so many small elements combine to create a breath taking scene. One of my favourite aspects of the event was the wedding favours; mints and ‘Love songs’.  Mints, which on the packet said, “We think you’re mint’ gave guests a little something to chew on while they could also listen to a handpicked list of love songs. I also love puns nearly as much as I love weddings so I thought the quirkiness of this idea was perfect!

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Weddings may follow the same formula or even have the same schedule, but it is the personal, unique elements which truly make a wedding special. I was thinking about this the other day; always place value on what you think is important. If you find you are putting too much time in one area of your life, which is not fulfilling your overall ‘big picture’ try to shift or move away from it. And to bring it back to weddings, put your efforts in what means the most to you. I know, that for my wedding (don’t worry, not any time soon friends!) that I would love for it to be beautifully decorated, simply because I value craft and creativity. Others may value music and hence place more time and resources in getting a brilliant band to play on the day rather than having an elaborate wedding dress.

So I hope you enjoy these photos friends, and do check out The Details Co. on Instagram to see more of my pics and to enjoy their creativity!

The Details Co. team
Aprons: Peep designs screening printing
Flowers: Ms Murphy flowers
Location: Abbotsford Convent

 The Details Co. is a boutique event management and styling company based in Melbourne and run by Lily Goh . Lovers of good times, life, food and copious amounts of laughter; The Details Co. is all about creating unforgettable moments for you and your loved ones. At The Details Co., we believe it’s the little details that are assembled to create the perfect big picture. At the heart of it all, we love doing events because they are about bringing people together to celebrate life.

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