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The Global Community-Thread Harvest


Have you ever thought that we could be part of something that bigger ourselves?

If we stop and think for a second, everything that we touch, use, own, wear has been made by another human being. Especially in the area of fashion, we tend to swap fact for fiction when it comes to buying clothes. Accessories, shoes, dresses, we pick it up from the store, purchase it, and little thought goes into what it actually took to make the product. The top you’re wearing, someone sewed it with their own hands, those sunglasses, made by another human being. It’s an incredible thought, humbling even.



Take a quick lesson in mindfulness, stop, look around, look at what you’re using, what you’re holding what you’re wearing, and imagine the person who worked to make that phone, that wallet, that shirt, imagine them standing right in front of you. Suddenly, if you’re like me, feelings of wonderment and human connection enter your mind and it leaves you a little bewildered and a little thankful.




One such company who has got it all so right is the wonderful people at Thread Harvest. A company that believes that fashion has the potential to do great things, they stock products that do one or more of these things; upcycle, fund projects, support marginalized minorities, are fair trade, eco friendly and create employment opportunities for women.

A little background to the pieces featured in this post that are from Thread Harvest. Jewelgram Necklace-Let’s Spoon; is made by artisans in Laos from Vietnam War era bombs, plane parts, and other aluminium and includes a donation to demine 5 m2 bomb littered land. The amazing Proof sunglasses? Made from 100% renewable, biodegradable and hypoallergenic quality wood, a portion of each sale goes to non profit charities in India that provide sight giving surgeries to people with cataracts.





Maybe that’s a thought that should remain in our minds, being fully aware that we’re all part of something bigger than our selves and being guided by the true fact that we are all intrinsically connected to one another. And what could this lead us to do? It would allow us to be more kind, more aware, more respectful, more loving and more connected to people and the planet. And to be actively engaged by using products that not only look awesome, but do awesome in the process.


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